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Traditional descriptions of leaders and managers imply that any who hold these titles simultaneously hold the reigns of his or her team tightly and tactically. Enter the age of technology and workshifting. Can a workshifter lead and manage equally as well? The easy answer is yes, as long as your organization has adopted and embraced […]

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Welcome to National Telework Week 2012! In celebration of Telework Week, an initiative by the Telework Exchange to encourage telecommuting, over the next few days we’re going to be sharing a ton of content so make sure you’re checking back daily and following us on Twitter and Facebook. To kick off this year’s Telework Week, […]

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This post is the third and final in our 3-part series called “Building Trust at Work”, with Chris Brogan. Chris is president of Human Business Works, providing business, communications and emerging technology strategy for mid- to large-sized businesses. He blogs regularly at chrisbrogan.com. While talking with Dan Heath, bestselling co-author of Made to Stick, I […]

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According to the Telework Research Network, productivity increases by 27 percent among those who workshift. This statistic should be of great interest to employers everywhere, as productivity, or the lack thereof, is one of the biggest challenges they face today. Whenever you are responsible for a workforce, you encounter many varied obstacles to motivating your […]

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By this point, if you are workshifting you have either earned the ability from an employer or chosen the path yourself as an independent workshifter. And, although workshifting is becoming more and more accepted and valued among traditional employers – sometimes, getting to a workshifting position is not the most difficult step on the path. […]

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Hard Coded to Work Hard

Posted by on 11 February 2011

Complete this sentence: If you want to get something done, __________________. That’s right. You ask a busy person. Why? Because a busy person obviously knows how to get things done. At my house, however, I get a little more specific. “Busy person” is synonymous with “Chris,” my husband. At work and in his extensive volunteerism, […]

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When organizations and individuals start having conversations about workshifting, the discussion seems to naturally gravitate toward how to manage a person who isn’t sitting around an office all day. It’s a reality and unfortunately, this is where the workshifting concept can often get stuck. A basic tenet of workshifting is being able to manage yourself. […]

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In any relationship, trust is a critical part of the foundation. For Workshifters and the companies that employ them, working arrangements must be based on mutual trust to be successful. Businesses need to trust their telecommuting employees aren’t slacking off and are actually working when they say they’re working. Workshifters, on the other hand, need […]

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What does business productivity have to do with kettles boiling? Bear with me and you’ll find out.  At Citrix we talk about what business productivity means all the time. The overall theme throughout it all is that productivity is what you produce, not how you produce it. Every time I say this in a Webinar […]

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