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Do me a favor and think about the top tools that you like to use for workshifting. Now if you are like me, I will bet that some, if not all, of the tools that you just came up with have some social aspect to them. Mark Zuckerberg is right, humans are social creatures and […]

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My Workshifting Toolbox

Posted by on 29 September 2010

I wouldn’t trade my digital nomad lifestyle for anything. My office is anywhere I am, and as a result, I get more accomplished and to better quality than if I was chugging away 8 hours a day in a stuffy cubicle. I think a lot of us workshifters feel the same way. But, none of […]

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Paper. The analog method. Call it what you will. In this age of digital, using something as 20th century as pen and paper sounds like a very strange thing to do. It doesn’t matter if you use a tablet, a pocket notebook, the other side of some printed paper, or the back of an envelope. […]

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Take a look around your office, assuming you’re not workshifting of course.  Now, take a quick poll and ask people how long they’ve worked there.  If you were to ask my team, the average is almost 5 years (that surprised me too!).  I have been at Citrix Online for almost 6 years, and that’s not […]

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