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Workshifting gear

In a recent blog, I looked at the challenges of working on the move. So often, workshifting seems like the perfect solution. You can work around dropping the kids off at school, get to an event in a different city, save money on a long-term office space or just cut out the dreaded commute. It […]

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I remember when I saw the first advertisements for in-flight Wi-Fi. People applauded and cheered. I now see tweets from people complaining about flights that don’t have it. Recently, I was flying out to BlogWorld and some of my fellow companions on the flight were shocked to learn that I hadn’t logged in during the […]

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Summer vacation is a lot different for my kids than it was for me. Aside from regular swimming lessons and a weekly trip to the library, my childhood summers were mostly unstructured, spent playing outside with the neighbors’ kids, watching “The Monkees” reruns and bickering with my siblings. Now, we live in a neighborhood with […]

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I thought the great thing about workshifting is that you don’t have to sit in an office all day. You can grab your computer-tablet-Smartphone and get to work at your favorite coffee shop, or in the park, on an airplane, or even in a tree house (well, if you have a tree house). Turns out […]

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Baxter on the Bus - Workshifting

Today, we have a guest post from Baxter Denney, Manager, Database Marketing at Citrix Online. Baxter recently returned from a month-long trip to New Zealand that was half vacation, half workshifting. Below are some tips on how Baxter stayed connected with limited bandwidth. Simply stated, Americans are connected. We are information obese – with broadband […]

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6 Tablet Computer Productivity Tips

Posted by on 28 December 2011

Being a workshifter is a constant quest for productivity. Do more with as little as possible – at least, that was one of the reasons I used to justify buying a tablet computer earlier this year. As such, I’ve been putting my iPad 2 to the test. My goal was to figure out if tablets […]

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Since starting at Citrix 5 years ago, I’ve internalized the company motto: “Work with anyone from anywhere.” Although we’ve been using this saying for a long time, mobile technology has only recently caught up. I can still picture an image we used to use for marketing that showed someone working on a beach with a […]

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Google+ For The Workshifter

Posted by on 19 October 2011

Google+, the latest and greatest social network, hit the Interweb about 4 months ago in a limited field trial. A select group of, oh, 25 million people or so were invited to poke around and check things out. Last month, Google+ opened its doors to the public at large, so now you only need a […]

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Today we have a guest post from Roger Courville. Roger is the principal analyst and Global Training Guy at 1080 Group, LLC. Roger recently completed a study and checklist on video conferencing and shares his top 4 surprising insights from the study. The possibility of being able to see the person you’re talking with while […]

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Have you ever tried to imagine what the future of technology will be like? Ignoring the perennial favorites (seriously, where’s my flying car already?), nailing down those small-time changes that add up to a real culture shift is no easy feat. I recently got myself an HD webcam (to use in my GoToMeeting with HDFaces™ […]

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