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Listen up, consultants and solopreneurs. It’s time you learned to carefully, thoughtfully say No. That’s right. In this economy, when the cost of gas is up and hourly rates are down and the check isn’t quite in the mail as promised, you need to learn to say No. On the cheap Erika Napoletano (aka Readhead […]

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4 Indicators of an Unhealthy Ego

Posted by on 9 March 2011

“The most expensive thing you will ever own is your ego.” These wise words were spoken to me several years ago by one of my mentors. Workshifting doesn’t exempt us from working with others and in many cases places a premium on our ability to build relationships in non-traditional work environments. One of the biggest […]

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Death of the RSVP

Posted by on 15 November 2010

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point it became OK not to show up or respond to electronic invitations for meetings, parties, events… Admittedly, there is a high volume of electronic invitations sent to workshifters. The very nature of our work and the tools we use gives rise to the culture […]

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Today Roger Courville stops by to share the number two mistake made in online presentations. Roger spends his days consulting and training corporations on how to properly design and optimize webinars.  You can connect with Roger over on Twitter and say hi. Imagine for a moment that you were sitting down over coffee with a […]

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The other day as I sat in a Me & Ollie’s Cafe enjoying a sandwich and trying to get some writing done on the fly, I had an encounter with a Space Hog. You’ve seen That Guy. Heck, you may have even been That Guy once or twice. Space Hogs make the concept of workshifting […]

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Today we have a guest post from Inga Rundquist.  Inga is PR Arsonist for MindFire Communications. She is celebrating her one year workshifting anniversary in August. Most of the time, she works out her home office in Chicago. You can connect with her on Twitter and on LinkedIn.  For workshifters, email is, without a doubt, the […]

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How to Present Well Remotely

Posted by on 1 July 2009

One of the many things a workshifter may find themselves doing is having a presentation, webinar, client meeting, podcast call or other remote contact with clients and customers. I am continually surprised at a few simple things that people neglect to do to make the experience a good one for all concerned. Etiquette If you […]

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