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I remember when I saw the first advertisements for in-flight Wi-Fi. People applauded and cheered. I now see tweets from people complaining about flights that don’t have it. Recently, I was flying out to BlogWorld and some of my fellow companions on the flight were shocked to learn that I hadn’t logged in during the […]

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I admit it: I’m deadline-driven. Deadlines keep me moving forward and on task. I respond exceedingly well to them. Meeting deadlines brings enormous satisfaction; not meeting them brings stress and self-loathing. Deadlines reign supreme; if something doesn’t have a hard deadline attached – even informally – it gets placed at the bottom of the to-do […]

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Do You Have Desk Envy?

Posted by on 9 August 2011

Some of the most popular pages on my website are the home office series, created from photos and text sent to me by readers about where they work at home. I’m now onto my third page and only one brave workshifter has sent me a photo of his workspace in all its workaday glory, complete […]

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I’m no neat freak, but every now and then I am compelled to do something about all the paper in my “paperless” office. Some stuff is easy to get rid of. During the great office purge of 2009, I threw out dozens of software manuals (just the fact that I had software manuals tells you […]

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In 2009 Forrester Research predicted that more than half the workforce would be teleworking by 2016: “Fueled by broadband adoption, better collaboration tools, and growing management experience, the U.S. telecommuting ranks will swell to 63 million by 2016. Those 29 million new telecommuters lined up five abreast would stretch from New York to LA! Leading […]

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I just rearranged my home office again. It’s something I tend to do every few months or so, probably a carry-over from my days growing up as a military brat…living a transient lifestyle growing up has meant that, as an adult, I crave a change of scenery more often than most. But there’s another side […]

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Today, I hazarded (pun intended) a quick survey of the deskscape that is my home office workspace: An empty plastic cup. A dinner plate with the greasy smear of today’s lunch of leftover pizza. A strand of dental floss. An unopened router I’m supposed to review for one of my tech pubs. A tax return […]

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Do You Need a Routine?

Posted by on 2 May 2011

When I gave up my bricks and mortar office 5 years ago, I underwent a significant lifestyle change. No longer was I “heading into the office” every day. I was a free bird, able to flit around at my own pace, on my own schedule, where and with whom I wanted. It was blissful for […]

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Is Your Office Space Optimized?

Posted by on 20 January 2011

I’ve had a funky Target-designed surge protector in my living room for a while. It’s cute, it’s functional, and it gives me a safe place to plug in a laptop. But, until the other day, it was located in exactly the wrong place. The power inputs for my computer, my piano keyboard, my Droid, and […]

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The January Home Office Detox

Posted by on 18 January 2011

After the holiday celebrations of December most people in January are in the mood for less food and drink, less socialising and less activity. We look ahead over a new, blank year and plan how to cultivate better habits and fulfill our dreams. Why not spend a little time at the start of the year […]

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