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Young people aren’t all lazy, and business owners need to reconsider forcing employees to come into the office. Those points were among two of the key takeaways delivered by small business experts who spoke at the Toronto SOHO|SME Business Expo in Toronto this week. Now in its sixteenth year, #sohoSME is a business-to-business marketing event […]

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Australia’s Mobility Mounts

Posted by on 4 June 2012

I was looking at the latest research from analyst firm IDC on mobile working trends in the Asia/Pacific region, and there were some very interesting insights that grabbed my attention. According to the report, titled Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast, the mobile worker population will inflate to 838.7 million by 2015, with 40% of […]

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6 Tablet Computer Productivity Tips

Posted by on 28 December 2011

Being a workshifter is a constant quest for productivity. Do more with as little as possible – at least, that was one of the reasons I used to justify buying a tablet computer earlier this year. As such, I’ve been putting my iPad 2 to the test. My goal was to figure out if tablets […]

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Since starting at Citrix 5 years ago, I’ve internalized the company motto: “Work with anyone from anywhere.” Although we’ve been using this saying for a long time, mobile technology has only recently caught up. I can still picture an image we used to use for marketing that showed someone working on a beach with a […]

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The growth of mobile technology is simply staggering. According to mobiThinking, there are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (that translates to 77% of the world’s population.) By 2014, it’s expected that mobile will overtake the PC as the most popular way to access the web. People are using mobile technologies for commerce, entertainment, and productivity. No […]

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Collaboration for Teachers on the Go

Posted by on 9 September 2011

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…back to school time! If you’re a teacher like me, it’s also the busiest time of year – lesson plans, building presentations,  making videos and rubrics, and anticipating all the new school year will hold.  One of the things I love best about being a teacher in the […]

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While I am a frequent workshifter, I am not a very mobile one. I may work in different rooms in my house during the day, but when I work from home, I tend to stay home. That’s where my kids and my stuff are, and I don’t have to dress up. Because I mostly workshift […]

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Two recent surveys by the Small Business Authority make for interesting reading. Perhaps not surprisingly, uncertainty about the U.S. economy has been identified as one of the top three challenges facing small businesses, fueled by ongoing concerns about the growing U.S. debt and deficit (46%) and over-regulation (35%). Economic uncertainty is once again seen as […]

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Several years ago, I wrote about the role of impromptu telework after an ice storm shut down parts of North Carolina. For those caught without power, workshifting was an effective, albeit makeshift, solution to keep themselves productive when Mother Nature did her worst. Visiting Los Angeles this week with my family, I discovered first-hand how […]

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Workshifting on a Train – Part 2

Posted by on 23 August 2010

  Okay, so I have returned from my workshifting train trip from NYC to Miami, and yes I am fully aware of how crazy that sounds.  I traveled on Amtrak for the duration of the trip using something that’s called a USA Rail Pass.  Basically, you receive 8 segments in 15 days for just under […]

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