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Today we have a guest post from Camille Preston, PhD. Camille is the founder and CEO of AIM Leadership, one of the country’s premier organizational and leadership development firms. She is a pioneer in the field of Virtual Effectiveness and the author of Rewired: How to Work Smarter, Live Better, and Be Purposefully Productive in […]

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3 Healthy Workshifting Habits

Posted by on 28 November 2011

Becoming a workshifter often means a significant lifestyle change. You go from spending 2 hours a day commuting to suddenly having that time back. Where once you had a cafeteria to serve you fresh, hot meals for lunch, you now have to make do with your own refrigerator and stove. Your cubicle mates have now […]

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Having recently completed my largest assignment as a workshifter yet, I faced some familiar demons. Workdays of 10 to 12 hours had become a distant memory since I began setting my own time, managing my own workflow and balancing my professional boundaries, but that was not to last. All of a sudden the lure of […]

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When we do the 9 to 5 thing in an office environment, our time isn’t always our own. We’re told when to show up in the morning, when to break for lunch (and how much time we’re allowed), and told when it’s acceptable to go home. While we’re expected to manage our time in an […]

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Technology enables us to work remotely in all sorts of places that not long ago would never have been considered suitable – bedrooms, hotels, airport lounges and so on. This has given many people the freedom to ditch the commute and live in a location of their own choosing, but it also brings its own […]

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Way back in 2006, CBS News aired a special on “Working 24/7.” Interestingly enough, it was revisited in 2009 and then again recently in 2011. The news special highlighted the fact that “signs of our addiction to work are everywhere… The Digital Revolution means cell phones, wireless Internet and handheld computers like the BlackBerry allow […]

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Distractions are one of the most common reasons people think they can never workshift. They believe that when left to their own devices – working from a home office, coffee shop or wherever – they would be far too distracted by trivialities and would never be as productive as they are when working in an […]

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Technology has enabled the average workshifter to do what he or she does. If not for high-speed Internet, mobile devices and 24/7 electronic communications, many of us would not be living the digital nomad lifestyle that we love.   But it isn’t all about tech all the time. As much as we cherish the electronic […]

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It is perhaps not surprising to learn that employees can struggle to work effectively during the summer, when there is the distraction of warm or even hot summer days, accompanied in many regions by high humidity that makes for uncomfortably sticky afternoons, evenings and nights. For instance, British workers are traditionally less productive during the […]

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Recently while I was in a hotel room in Tusayan, Arizona, the sun was coming up around 8a. The family’s asleep, internal clocks still set to Eastern Time. So was mine, but I had been online for the better part of 3 hours. As a writer, my work travels with me to wherever my laptop-in-tow […]

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