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I thought the great thing about workshifting is that you don’t have to sit in an office all day. You can grab your computer-tablet-Smartphone and get to work at your favorite coffee shop, or in the park, on an airplane, or even in a tree house (well, if you have a tree house). Turns out […]

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Work from Home Fridays by Splashtop

Here at Workshifting, we’ve talked many times about the benefits of telework and shared numerous reports about its value to your company. Today, we’re offering a visual approach because sometimes pictures and images are just quicker than words alone are. Compliments of Splashtop and Column Five, this infographic tells us all about the new push […]

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First question: Did you get up this morning and say, “Yes, world, I’m so excited to check my inbox! Bring it on”? Trick question! No one says this–no one sane anyway. Being a happy worker doesn’t mean you love your job every second of the day; it doesn’t mean you enjoy every task you’re given. […]

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Today we are releasing the results of a study that was conducted by Forrester with Citrix Online (you know, the GoToMeeting folks who help us keep the lights on around here) that looks at how business people communicate and collaborate across the globe. As workshifters, we all know how liberating it is to work when, […]

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