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Our post today comes from the founder and CEO of Mom Corps, Allison O’Kelly. Mom Corps is a national flexible staffing firm dedicated to connecting progressive employers with professionals seeking flexible work options. Allison founded the company in 2005 after facing her own struggle with balancing her professional and personal lives. Today, a mother of […]

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Today we have a guest post from Liz Presson. Liz’s mission is to encourage those sentenced to life in a cubicle farm to think outside the traditional office. Through her version of “Yelp for co-working spaces”, WorkingRemote.ly, she’s spreading her belief that choice of environment means more productivity and happiness. Liz was a founding employee […]

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I think one of the biggest challenges every workshifter goes through when they transition from an office to a remote working environment is the feeling that you have lost access. Access to project updates. Access to people. And perhaps most critical to the workday – access to immediate answers. This was a challenge for me […]

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