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When Opportunity Comes Knocking

Posted by on 21 January 2011

When you first started your business, you were likely overcome by the vast pool of opportunity that lay in front of you. Set my own hours! Wear suggestive or polarizing t-shirts to work! Refuse stupid projects! Name my own salary! Stink up the place with microwave popcorn! And probably a few more serious benefits as […]

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10 Tips for Moving a Home Office

Posted by on 22 October 2010

My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment here in Chicago. One of the main reasons we selected the new place was because it has an office – an actual separate room, with a window, lots of light and most importantly a door (that closes!). This is a big change for me – […]

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What Makes a Space An Office?

Posted by on 10 September 2010

Chris Brogan has had a few recent posts and videos where he has included photos of his new office. I read the posts, and looked at the photos and found myself looking at the office, desk, post-it notes and even pens that were visible in the photos. When I visit a client’s office for the […]

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One of the things we have been wrestling with is building a sound disaster recovery plan for our business. If you have never done it, disaster recovery quickly turns into one of those never ending rabbit holes that take a lot of planning to get it right. But all of this time I never really […]

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5 Mental Workshifting Triggers

Posted by on 9 December 2009

Many cubicle employees dream of being able to work from home, either for their current employer or through stretching out on their own as an entrepreneur – living the dream! In my own quest and through talking with other home bound warriors I have been thinking about some mental and psychological triggers and how that […]

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Last week Enterprise Nation, the home business website, went on a roadtrip. Starting in Scotland, the touring team traveled south to meet and film home based businesses in what will become a mini documentary charting the rise in this modern way of working. It spanned 18 home businesses and 1,233 miles.  Whilst out and about, […]

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Home businesses from a range of sectors have reported an increase in turnover and profit as holidaymakers choose the UK as their destination of choice. With the staycation trend set to continue, businesses are preparing to maintain new customers and ensure the sunny times of increased turnover continue. Results of higher turnover for home businesses […]

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