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Is Busy the New Relaxed?

Posted by on 9 July 2012

  The New York Times online blog Opinionator recently published an article entitled “The Busy Trap,” which underscored how so many of us perceive our lives and work as “crazy busy,” noting that this truism may, in fact, not be entirely true unless we are actually emergency room doctors or bus commuters with 3 part-time […]

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A Workshifting Wake-Up Call

Posted by on 29 June 2012

I was recently offered a full-time position with a growing start-up company. The job would highlight my client relationship and project management skills perfectly while allowing me to slide back into a fully functional corporate role, similar to what I have held in the past. Exciting and flattering? Yes! A good fit? No. Why? Well, […]

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Traditional descriptions of leaders and managers imply that any who hold these titles simultaneously hold the reigns of his or her team tightly and tactically. Enter the age of technology and workshifting. Can a workshifter lead and manage equally as well? The easy answer is yes, as long as your organization has adopted and embraced […]

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Australia’s Mobility Mounts

Posted by on 4 June 2012

I was looking at the latest research from analyst firm IDC on mobile working trends in the Asia/Pacific region, and there were some very interesting insights that grabbed my attention. According to the report, titled Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast, the mobile worker population will inflate to 838.7 million by 2015, with 40% of […]

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Our post today comes from the founder and CEO of Mom Corps, Allison O’Kelly. Mom Corps is a national flexible staffing firm dedicated to connecting progressive employers with professionals seeking flexible work options. Allison founded the company in 2005 after facing her own struggle with balancing her professional and personal lives. Today, a mother of […]

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On Wednesday, we showed you how to add movement into your workshifting routine. Read below for a more extreme version from Citrix’s own Chris Latham. Santa Barbara local Chris Latham, a manager on the Citrix Customer Insights team, has been competing in triathlons for 15 years. Currently she’s training for the 2012 Ironman Hawaii 70.3 […]

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Work from Home Fridays by Splashtop

Here at Workshifting, we’ve talked many times about the benefits of telework and shared numerous reports about its value to your company. Today, we’re offering a visual approach because sometimes pictures and images are just quicker than words alone are. Compliments of Splashtop and Column Five, this infographic tells us all about the new push […]

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How to Come in Late to the Office

Posted by on 16 March 2012

It’s 10:30 AM on a Thursday. Having workshifted from home to attend an early online meeting with my teammates in Germany, I drive in to the office mid-morning. How should I make my entrance? Loudly call out “Good morning, everybody!” and wave broadly as I walk to my desk. Tiptoe in and hope that nobody […]

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Today we have a guest post from Holly Duckworth. Holly is an association and meeting industry thought leader.  She is a leadership consultant and speaker to the meetings/events and travel industry. Holly teaches and facilitates at meetings on the future of effective board leadership and volunteerism. Look for her book CTRL+ALT+Delete How to Reboot for Success […]

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Our seventh and final post in the Telework Week 2012 series is from Sharlyn Lauby, president at ITM Group and a regular Workshifting.com contributor.   A growing question for organizations with remote workers: How can our managers lead teams of people they don’t see every day? It’s a legitimate question. With an increased focus on […]

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