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Last month we published an infographic on the international language of business based on a study that Citrix Online commissioned from Forrester Consulting. Today we’re happy to launch the results of that study. The study yielded surprising findings related to generational and cultural working behaviors that impact how businesses communicate and collaborate in an increasingly […]

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The Case for Smarter Commuting

Posted by on 8 November 2009

Today Andrew Millard stops by from across the pond to help launch a new whitepaper concerning smarter commuting as part of the UK’s third annual National Commute Smart week.  Andrew is the eCommerce Director of EMEA at Citrix Online. The daily commute.  It’s a thought that can send a chill down the spine of even […]

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As part of a larger report on workplace trends developed by Citrix Online titled “Worldwide Workplace: The Web Commuting Imperative“, today we’re launching a whitepaper on simple steps that businesses can take to get started in workshifting some or all of their employees. To get up and running with workshifting, here are five simple steps […]

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Usually when we read about the concepts of workshifting, being a digital nomad, a web-worker or any other term related to working from outside of an office building, we usually view it through the lens of the employee.  Articles tend to focus on how the employee benefits from the ability to work from outside of […]

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