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Rain in the city

The Challenges of Workshifting

Posted by on 7 April 2014

Working in an office from 9 to 5 (in the words of Dolly Parton) has been a regular and regimented tradition in working life for what seems like forever. Maybe the reason why it has been such a mainstay is the extra element of trust staff get by sitting together. Or maybe it’s that traditionally, […]

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Traditional descriptions of leaders and managers imply that any who hold these titles simultaneously hold the reigns of his or her team tightly and tactically. Enter the age of technology and workshifting. Can a workshifter lead and manage equally as well? The easy answer is yes, as long as your organization has adopted and embraced […]

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On Wednesday, we showed you how to add movement into your workshifting routine. Read below for a more extreme version from Citrix’s own Chris Latham. Santa Barbara local Chris Latham, a manager on the Citrix Customer Insights team, has been competing in triathlons for 15 years. Currently she’s training for the 2012 Ironman Hawaii 70.3 […]

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Baxter on the Bus - Workshifting

Today, we have a guest post from Baxter Denney, Manager, Database Marketing at Citrix Online. Baxter recently returned from a month-long trip to New Zealand that was half vacation, half workshifting. Below are some tips on how Baxter stayed connected with limited bandwidth. Simply stated, Americans are connected. We are information obese – with broadband […]

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Work from Home Fridays by Splashtop

Here at Workshifting, we’ve talked many times about the benefits of telework and shared numerous reports about its value to your company. Today, we’re offering a visual approach because sometimes pictures and images are just quicker than words alone are. Compliments of Splashtop and Column Five, this infographic tells us all about the new push […]

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As a nation, Australia has one of the world’s most carbon-intensive economies, producing more than 20 tons of CO2 per person – ahead of the United States, Canada and even Saudi Arabia. In October, Australia caught up with much of the rest of the world by putting a tax on carbon dioxide production. The Australian […]

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Since starting at Citrix 5 years ago, I’ve internalized the company motto: “Work with anyone from anywhere.” Although we’ve been using this saying for a long time, mobile technology has only recently caught up. I can still picture an image we used to use for marketing that showed someone working on a beach with a […]

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Google+ For The Workshifter

Posted by on 19 October 2011

Google+, the latest and greatest social network, hit the Interweb about 4 months ago in a limited field trial. A select group of, oh, 25 million people or so were invited to poke around and check things out. Last month, Google+ opened its doors to the public at large, so now you only need a […]

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Today we have a guest post from Roger Courville. Roger is the principal analyst and Global Training Guy at 1080 Group, LLC. Roger recently completed a study and checklist on video conferencing and shares his top 4 surprising insights from the study. The possibility of being able to see the person you’re talking with while […]

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This week, Australia’s fifth and final National Broadband Network (NBN) first release site was launched by the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, and the Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Senator Penny Wong. The site, located in Willunga, South Australia, joins the other four sites in Townsville (QLD), Brunswick (VIC), Kiama […]

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