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The Downside to Workshifting

Posted by on 14 May 2012

The woman standing next to me on the platform finished checking her email, and I smiled knowingly. It was my afternoon off, all my clients knew it, but I still felt compelled to acknowledge a couple of messages myself. She was headed to the dentist, running late because she had tried to get that “one […]

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Technology enables us to work remotely in all sorts of places that not long ago would never have been considered suitable – bedrooms, hotels, airport lounges and so on. This has given many people the freedom to ditch the commute and live in a location of their own choosing, but it also brings its own […]

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Way back in 2006, CBS News aired a special on “Working 24/7.” Interestingly enough, it was revisited in 2009 and then again recently in 2011. The news special highlighted the fact that “signs of our addiction to work are everywhere… The Digital Revolution means cell phones, wireless Internet and handheld computers like the BlackBerry allow […]

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It is perhaps not surprising to learn that employees can struggle to work effectively during the summer, when there is the distraction of warm or even hot summer days, accompanied in many regions by high humidity that makes for uncomfortably sticky afternoons, evenings and nights. For instance, British workers are traditionally less productive during the […]

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Recently while I was in a hotel room in Tusayan, Arizona, the sun was coming up around 8a. The family’s asleep, internal clocks still set to Eastern Time. So was mine, but I had been online for the better part of 3 hours. As a writer, my work travels with me to wherever my laptop-in-tow […]

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In 2009 Forrester Research predicted that more than half the workforce would be teleworking by 2016: “Fueled by broadband adoption, better collaboration tools, and growing management experience, the U.S. telecommuting ranks will swell to 63 million by 2016. Those 29 million new telecommuters lined up five abreast would stretch from New York to LA! Leading […]

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Workshifting with Your Children

Posted by on 14 June 2011

In my experience, unless children are asleep, it’s pretty hard to get work done around them, especially if the work requires mental concentration. That’s why when I work from home my husband is still the primary caregiver – I’m mostly just there so I can see the kids on breaks and be aware of what’s […]

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You know those days when you’re hopelessly unproductive? How do you respond? Come on. Tell the truth. Do you agonize over the research project all day hoping a “eureka” moment will break through? Do you sit there shuffling papers, reading, tweeting, or (worse) recycling lame jokes via email? Or do you just stop? I had […]

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Do You Need a Routine?

Posted by on 2 May 2011

When I gave up my bricks and mortar office 5 years ago, I underwent a significant lifestyle change. No longer was I “heading into the office” every day. I was a free bird, able to flit around at my own pace, on my own schedule, where and with whom I wanted. It was blissful for […]

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Have you heard about the study published in the March issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior that found the eroding boundary between work and family life takes a greater toll on women than men? That’s right – while some see workshifting as a woman’s best friend, the study found that the constant […]

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