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Some people feel that collaboration is the key to creativity, while others need to be alone to be productive. But why does it have to be all one way or the other? As the saying goes about all work and no play, I think all collaboration and no quiet time – and vice versa – […]

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“Work is no longer a place – it’s something we do.” With this striking new definition, we kicked off a fascinating chat with workplace technology specialist David Shaw that covered productive office spaces, introverts vs. extroverts, meeting rules and more. The world of work has changed dramatically, yet our physical work environments still suffer from […]

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To Relocate or Not to Relocate

Today we have a guest post from Brie Weiler Reynolds. Brie is the director of content and social media at FlexJobs, an award-winning site for telecommuting, flexible schedule and freelance job listings. With a background in human resources and career advising, Brie has over 8 years’ experience working with job seekers and employers, and she offers career, […]

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If there is one thing to be certain about working in Britain during winter, it’s that your ability to travel to and from work and meetings will be disrupted by the weather. It might be a light sprinkling of snow, excessively icy conditions or heavy rain, but something will derail public transportation and make the […]

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On Wednesday, we showed you how to add movement into your workshifting routine. Read below for a more extreme version from Citrix’s own Chris Latham. Santa Barbara local Chris Latham, a manager on the Citrix Customer Insights team, has been competing in triathlons for 15 years. Currently she’s training for the 2012 Ironman Hawaii 70.3 […]

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I thought the great thing about workshifting is that you don’t have to sit in an office all day. You can grab your computer-tablet-Smartphone and get to work at your favorite coffee shop, or in the park, on an airplane, or even in a tree house (well, if you have a tree house). Turns out […]

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The recent season premiere of Mad Men has us thinking about how much workstyles have changed over the past 50 years.  From the days of Don Draper and the Mad Men to current times with telecommuting, workshifting and all of the technology that has made work a thing you do – not a place you go.  Here’s a visual […]

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Today we have a guest post from Ryan Rivera. Ryan is an expert at anxiety. He has worked in a variety of fields that have him out of the office but still in front of fast-approaching deadlines. You can find out more about anxiety and potential anxiety treatments at www.calmclinic.com. When you work in a traditional office, your entire […]

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How to Come in Late to the Office

Posted by on 16 March 2012

It’s 10:30 AM on a Thursday. Having workshifted from home to attend an early online meeting with my teammates in Germany, I drive in to the office mid-morning. How should I make my entrance? Loudly call out “Good morning, everybody!” and wave broadly as I walk to my desk. Tiptoe in and hope that nobody […]

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Our seventh and final post in the Telework Week 2012 series is from Sharlyn Lauby, president at ITM Group and a regular Workshifting.com contributor.   A growing question for organizations with remote workers: How can our managers lead teams of people they don’t see every day? It’s a legitimate question. With an increased focus on […]

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