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Today we have our first guest post from San Sharma. San is a blogger and community manager for WorkSnug, a mobile app and website that helps you find the nearest and best laptop-friendly places near you. San works from home, in coffee shops, coworking spaces – and wherever else he can get a connection! He’s […]

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Australia’s Mobility Mounts

Posted by on 4 June 2012

I was looking at the latest research from analyst firm IDC on mobile working trends in the Asia/Pacific region, and there were some very interesting insights that grabbed my attention. According to the report, titled Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast, the mobile worker population will inflate to 838.7 million by 2015, with 40% of […]

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We’re easily distracted. The phone rings. A co-worker drops by. The neighbors chat loudly. Unfortunately, with so many attention-grabbing interruptions, staying focused at work can become its own job. Many workshifters stand by the virtues of the home workspace, which can help alleviate many of these concerns (while admittedly adding others). But what if you’re […]

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Today we have a guest post from Liz Presson. Liz’s mission is to encourage those sentenced to life in a cubicle farm to think outside the traditional office. Through her version of “Yelp for co-working spaces”, WorkingRemote.ly, she’s spreading her belief that choice of environment means more productivity and happiness. Liz was a founding employee […]

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