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Spends most of his time mobile, workshifting from a multitude of various locations. Justin is able to successfully run multiple companies from these locations. He enjoys exploring how technology and productivity intersect.


Justin heads up global social media at Citrix, writes over at justinrlevy.com and can be found hanging out on Twitter and Facebook. Justin is also editor-in-chief of this blog.

Rhonda Hughes

loves sunshine, dorky randomness and folks who tell good stories. Rhonda is managing editor for workshifting.com and the corporate social media manager at Citrix. She’s been a full time teleworker since 2007 workshifting primarily from her home office in Santa Rosa, CA. You can connect with Rhonda on Twitter @Ladymenga

David Potter is the marketing manager for the Citrix SaaS Division in Canada. Workshifting became a regular part of David’s 10 year history in technology marketing long before he knew there was a term for it. Whether he was working remotely as part of a large global organization or managing a small distributed team for a mid-sized Canadian business, David has been using technology to get work done from anywhere while helping others do the same.

believes that the pen is truly mightier than the sword (except in cosplay). After seven years as a digital project manager/digital ninja, she made the switch to content strategy at Citrix and hasn’t looked back. Also an avid world traveler and backpacker, when she’s not working from the office or elsewhere, she spends her time doing community theatre. Visit her blog (www.caerleyhill.com) or follow her on Twitter (@EffrtlsslyGEEK)

Anna Duggal is a content manager at Search Office Space and meetingrooms.com in London, England. Having always worked from an office, Anna’s working days consist of forcing chocolate biscuits on her colleagues, forgetting to water the plants and nagging her boss for an office cat. Anna is always on social media and likes to read and write blogs about business, workplace matters and different types of working styles. You can connect with Anna on Twitter: @AnnaDuggal.

Niklas Edlinger

is a member of the marketing team at Citrix in sunny Santa Barbara. Using his background in editing, he reviews white papers, case studies, and articles that all concern workshifting. With a strong passion for technology and progress, Niklas strives to maintain a healthy balance among work, life, and the environment – and he feels workshifting fits perfectly for him.


When he is not in the office proofing documents, he can be found out in the ocean surfing, enjoying the water and the open air.

Clay Hebert

is a marketer, an entrepreneur and graduate of Seth Godin’s unique MBA program. As one of the world’s leading crowdfunding experts, he has helped over 50 entrepreneurs launch their creative projects and raise over $5 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. He blogs about crowdfunding at www.crowdfundinghacks.com. Clay is also a popular public speaker, engaging audiences around the globe on innovation, creativity, marketing, entrepreneurship and the future of work. Clay can be found on Twitter @clayhebert.

Julia Roy

is a freelance consultant working with agencies and brands to craft social strategy campaigns that improve engagement and brand awareness. Her experience and expertise comes from working with dozens of brands and startups over the last 5 years, leading the creation, implementation and measurement of social strategies and campaigns.


While working with brands over the years, she has also amassed a community of her own that continues to foster and grow a loyal audience of friends, followers and fans across different web platforms. Her goal is to continue to connect brands with consumers through new media and experiment in the intersection of digital and social.

Caleb Parker is an American entrepreneur and CEO of MeetingRooms.com. Prior to joining MeetingRooms.com, Caleb spent 12 years in the hospitality industry and nearly 7 years in serviced office space, including time with Regus, Executive Space Solutions and Touchdown Space, a company he co-founded to automate meeting room inventory distribution. He is one of the first licensed commercial real estate agents to speak on the subject of on-demand workspace. Connect with him on twitter @caleb_parker

AJ Leon

has been a vagabond workshifter since October 2008, traveling over the world with his wife and business partner, helping charities embrace the social web and utilizing “real time” web technologies to empower third world communities.


AJ is the Co-Founder of the Misfit Inc., a company with no headquarters, comprised of a workshifting staff, dispersed around the world, dedicated to seeking, collaborating & partnering with those hell bent on changing the world. Ridiculously passionate about the power of the human web to enact social justice, AJ speaks has spoken in the US, Europe & Africa on the concept of opensource Charity. You can also find AJ blogging at PursuitofEverything.com and OpenSourceCharity.com and tweeting like a banshee. If a day goes by without him tweeting, he is probably dead.

Melissa Leon

has been a workshifter since late 2008, and spends most her time working from coffee shops and random cafes in NYC with good food, great wifi and plenty of outlets. She has traveled to 31 countries and would love nothing more than to workshift around the world all year.


Her favorite place to workshift is the South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan looking out over the Hudson River. Melissa is the Co-Founder and Chief of Staff at Misfit Inc.. She travels around with her husband and business partner while running their cloud based, creative agency that is responsible for Twitterkids, Open Source Charity and Twitgift.