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Tips for Traveling With Cables

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DIY hacks and fun products for keeping your cables tangle-free while traveling.

As a modern worker, you are more often than not working from somewhere other than your desk. Whether you work from home or travel a lot for your job (and therefore often find yourself working from coffee shops, libraries and other places where there are actual human beings), chances are you are often transporting cables.

Instead of spending 15 minutes untangling the ball of cords at the bottom of your bag when you get to your destination, use one of these handy hacks or clever products to keep your cables tangle-free and ready to work as soon as you are.

DIY Hacks

  1. Put each cable in a zip-close bag. Be sure to label them. That way, when you’re packing up before or after a trip, if there’s an empty bag, you’ll know you’re missing a cable. This means no more showing up at a meeting and realizing you left your charger at home!
  2. Use an old toilet paper tube to keep bulkier cables tidy and easily slotted into tight spaces in a suitcase.
  3. Re-purpose a toiletry bag or sunglasses case into a convenient cable carrier. A sunglasses case is especially helpful for keeping frequently used cables secure in a purse or briefcase.


Clever Products


If you need something a little classier than toilet rolls to keep your cords in order, the handsome leather Cordito is a riff on the toiletry bag idea, and it certainly makes a statement on a business trip.



For the cords and cables you need more readily accessible, Quirky’s Power Curl ($9.99) and Power Curl Mini ($4.99), for Mac and iPhone cables, respectively, are excellent travel and mobile-worker solutions. Both products keep cords neatly stored, while they are also convenient to open without unraveling.


Along the same lines, Quirky’s Wrapsters ($1.99) are an easy way to prevent that ever-present problem of tangled earphone cables. I’ve seen people use clothes pegs to replicate this idea, but this is so inexpensive and simple to use, plus it actually works.



Another good travel cable management tip is to always make sure to have a mini surge protector with you, such as the Belkin Surge Plus USB Swivel Charger ($29.99). That way, you’ll be sure to have enough outlets for all your gadgets wherever you are (even if it’s an airport lounge), and they’ll be protected in case of a power surge. Look for one with USB ports, too, so you can leave some of those bulky adaptors at home.

Do you have some simple cable management hacks to share? Help out your fellow Workshifters by sharing them in the comments below.


Jennifer Tuohy is a gadget diva who shares tips on how to organize, care and use your home electronics for The Home Depot. Visit homedepot.com to find out more about some of the cable organizational products Jennifer mentions in this article.