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Archive | July, 2014

Good communication is the mainstay of any relationship. Teams are no exception. In his book “Business @ the Speed of Thought,” Bill Gates compared communication between the individuals and teams that compose a business with the nervous system of the human body. It’s a good analogy. The nervous system allows us to see, hear, feel, […]

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4 Ways to Make Your Workspace Work for You

Hello, fellow workshifters! As a Ph.D. student at Loughborough University in England, I’m accustomed to working from home, libraries, cafés and trains. But workshifting — specifically how telework impacts people and organisations — is also the focus of my studies. In fact, I’m working with Donald Hislop and Raymond Randall in the School of Business […]

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workshifting aticle image from doug wendt

Much of the conversation about workshifting traditionally focuses on the shifter — i.e., the individual worker who is creating her own transition, or whose employer or job situation allows for remote or flexible working. However, unless the company itself embraces and effectively manages workshifting, problems can result. This was clearly proven in 2013 when Yahoo […]

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Technology and globalization are affecting us more than we think they are, especially at work. How we work, when we work and even whom we work with are changing. Below are 16 clues that prove that the future of our work world has been changing steadily and ways you can be ready for what’s next. […]

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