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PJs and slippers
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Working from anywhere certainly has its benefits. It’s hard to resist the siren song of a better work-life balance, no more early morning commutes and flexibility in your schedule. Sounds ideal, right? Many people think so – flexible work arrangements actually grew 118 percent from 2012 to 2013!

But nobody ever talks about the side effects of workshifting, like the habits you start to adopt when faced with so much alone time. In fact, the other day I found myself replying to my cat (out loud) when she cried for food. So to help you combat some of the “funny” tendencies that can pop up, we thought we’d put together a list of the 9 worst workshifting habits.

1. You wear yoga pants … every day.


2. Your answer work calls and emails … at all hours of the day.


3. You’ve perfected drip coffee … for one.


4. You have productive conversations … with yourself.


5. Your check Yelp restaurant reviews … for WiFi reliability.


6. You forget to eat … never.


7. You commit to working late … because you never have to leave your couch.


8. You allow your pet on the table … just so you have someone to eat with.


9. You get excited when you get a call … from telemarketers.

What are your worst workshifting habits? 

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Caerley Hill
Caerley Hill believes that the pen is truly mightier than the sword (except in cosplay). After seven years as a digital project manager/digital ninja, she made the switch to content strategy at Citrix and hasn’t looked back. Also an avid world traveler and backpacker, when she’s not working from the office or elsewhere, she spends her time doing community theatre. Visit her blog (www.caerleyhill.com) or follow her on Twitter (@EffrtlsslyGEEK)
  • http://www.remotestaff.com.au/ Chris J. Jankulovski

    This post made my day!

    I am guilty for one but I’m not gonna say it :D

  • Inga

    This made me crack up. Totally on point. Love it!

  • Alan Natachu

    Webcam consultations – Proper business causal dress for top half, basketball shorts and fuzzy bunny slippers for the bottom half.

  • http://transfer.ashworthcollege.edu SeanOBrienEDU

    Talking to myself for sure.