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You may have heard the facts about workshifting: 90% of flex workers are happier; flex workers are 55% more likely to go the extra mile for their employer; and 69% of flex employees would likely leave their jobs if they lost their flexible work schedule.

And those are but just a few.

So how can businesses embrace this new style of working?

At the launch of WORKshift Canada in Halifax, GoToMeeting asked Canadian workshifting champions and experts for their thoughts on how organizations should prepare to launch successful workshifting programs.

ATB Financial in Calgary, Alberta has a flexible work program for some of its employees. Karen Bayerle, director of corporate real estate, is a huge fan because of the real estate savings the company has seen. Check out her advice on how businesses can prepare to launch work shifting:

Getting key stakeholders in an organization on-board is a key step when starting a program. KPMG Canada’s Laura Croucher identified the three groups that need to buy-in for a workshifting program to be truly successful:

Laura says there is a skills gap in organizations when it comes to implementation. This is what she thinks is needed to fill it:

Once employees are workshifting, it’s important to support them to ensure they stay engaged and productive. I have some thoughts on how to do that:

Want to know more about how workshifting makes companies competitive? I’ve written about that, too.

Read more about the launch of WORKshift Canada in Halifax.

You can watch other interviews we did at the launch event on the GoToMeeting YouTube channel.

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David Potter
David Potter is the marketing manager for the Citrix SaaS Division in Canada. Workshifting became a regular part of David's 10 year history in technology marketing long before he knew there was a term for it. Whether he was working remotely as part of a large global organization or managing a small distributed team for a mid-sized Canadian business, David has been using technology to get work done from anywhere while helping others do the same.