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Does your city workshift yet?

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The workshifting movement continues to march across Canada. First in Calgary, Alberta, and then in Ottawa, Ontario, WORKshift Canada has now announced a partnership with Halifax Regional Municipality to encourage businesses and employees to embrace flexible and remote work.

As a supporter of WORKshift Canada, GoToMeeting Canada was there when Mayor Mike Savage declaring WORKshift day in the city.

WORKshift Canada is a social enterprise dedicated to transforming workplaces and encouraging businesses and employees to change how they work. We’re a supporter of the organization and its founding partners in their efforts to provide standards, tools, and benchmarks to support companies as they adopt a more flexible workstyle. After all, work is a thing you do, not a place you go anymore.

At the event in early November, GoToMeeting spoke with Robyn Bews, director of the WORKshift program, about what workshifting means:

It’s exciting to see cities like Halifax join the workshifting movement. As Halifax’s Mayor Mike Savage told us, there are major benefits beyond employee productivity.

Katherine Frank, assistant VP of human resources at Dalhousie University, was at the event too. She talked to us about why implementing a flexible work program is fast becoming a strategy for businesses to stay competitive.

There are a host of other reasons why businesses will benefit from workshifting. Here are my thoughts on the value proposition of workshifting:

And workshifting can also help overcome certain challenges for small businesses. To name a few:

Workshifting is quickly gaining momentum. We’re excited to be part of this radical shift to improve both work culture and productivity.

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David Potter
David Potter is the marketing manager for the Citrix SaaS Division in Canada. Workshifting became a regular part of David's 10 year history in technology marketing long before he knew there was a term for it. Whether he was working remotely as part of a large global organization or managing a small distributed team for a mid-sized Canadian business, David has been using technology to get work done from anywhere while helping others do the same.