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I live in a 1-bedroom apartment in New York City, and I work from home almost every day. My workday starts when I move from the bedroom to the desk in the living room. And for those of you workshifters out there who have a similar routine, you have probably experienced what I do from time to time: a total lack of motivation or inspiration to get my mind moving.

I’ve found that the best way to get the brain juices flowing is to move your body. Movement is beneficial for not only your health but also your mental functioning, speed and creativity. That is why treadmill desks are now a growing trend. Walking while you work burns calories and makes you more alert, productive and focused.

I have a gym in my apartment building that is completely empty during the day, so I bought myself a SurfShelf, thinking I would give the whole treadmill desk thing a try. And I love it. There is something about working while you move that automatically shifts your apathetic or resistant attitude to a “just get it done” mindset. I have noticed the best kind of projects to tackle on the treadmill are those that require a steady, concentrated focus, like getting to inbox zero or writing the first draft of a blog post.

Once you get over the awkwardness of trying to walk and type at the same time, you will really see the difference in how much more alert and on task you are. Compared to sitting or standing, walking changes the mind’s environment enough to stimulate a sense of “OK, I’ll get all this stuff done so I can sit down and relax.”

Now whenever I hit a creative block or feel a lack of motivation towards the work ahead of me, I just take it to the treadmill. Aside from all the work I get done, it is great at the end of the week seeing all the bonus exercise I was able to cram into a busy schedule.

Last week, I tracked my daily treadmill sessions. I worked on the treadmill for 400 minutes, walking 19 miles and burning 2,251 calories. I must say, I have become quite an advocate for the treadmill desk movement.

  • Jacob

    Nice. If you keep that up, you’ll burn the equivalent of 3lbs of fat a month or 36lbs in a year. Healthy and smart.

  • http://twitter.com/rosiesiman rosie siman

    you go girl!!

  • Judy Martin

    The tread mill work ethic also has another benefit. From a physiological point of view, there’s lots o brain science behind it. When you’re moving at that pace – you’re triggering a bunch of neurotransmitters that release hormones which on the outset are good for boosting endorphins and energy, and also for reducing stress that might be associated with deadlines or work related concerns. Plus – it’s a load off the back for us computer hunchers. Thanks for the tid bit! @JudyMartin8