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The competitive, fast-paced business landscape that we work in today places a premium on the ability to get work done anywhere, anytime, by any type of internal or external worker. As a result, businesses around the world are developing workshifting strategies to embrace workplace flexibility. This allows your organization to gain strategic and operational advantages while offering employees an attractive place to work.

This Executive Workshifting Kit provides practical guidance and customizable resources to help you:

  • Learn workshifting strategies and best practices from peers and industry leaders
  • Analyze your workplace requirements to ensure your approach meets business and user needs
  • Define your workshifting strategy including a business case and well-documented policies
  • Evaluate the technologies and solutions needed to enable a workshifting strategy
  • Implement a successful workshifting approach that garners business and employee endorsement
Download the free kit for exclusive access to the tools and resources you need to implement a workshifting initiative in your organization.

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