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Today we have a guest post from Chris Brogan. Chris is the CEO and president of Human Business Works, a business design company providing tools and smarts for professionals like you. He lives in northern Massachusetts and workshifts pretty much every day of the week.

There’s nothing less fun than having to get work done while traveling. If you’ve ever had that client deliverable or series of phone meetings to manage, plus your regular projects to finish, working on the way to and from airports or while crammed into your hotel room can be a bit of a drag. Heck, most of what happens on a trip isn’t exactly a blast.

I created a video for you that has two different bits of advice. One focuses on the gear I take with me on trips and the mindset behind it. I can tell you that you’ll reconsider at least two elements of how you travel based on this video. (I just don’t know which two!) The second talks about how to make work happen while you’re off and away.

It’s a little long (just under 11 minutes), but you can put it on while you’re workshifting somewhere and just glance at the screen when something catches your ear. Sound good?

Can’t see the video? Click HERE

Hopefully, that gave you a few new ideas. I’d love to hear what works for you and what else you’d recommend so that other fellow travelers (like me!) can learn, too.


Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc

Chris Brogan
Works in coffee shops, hotels, airports, aboard planes, and once or twice at the beach. He has 16 years telecom experience, but now runs a sales marketing and media consulting company. He blogs at [chrisbrogan.com].
  • http://twitter.com/wardmike mike ward

    Some very interesting tips thank you!

    I also travel a lot and find that although a little expensive, the fuji film world travel adapter is a great help – especially with the two usb charging ports.

    Also if you’re in the UK at least, taxi’s with a company called green tomato cars all come with free wifi on board.

    Finally, and this isn’t really work related but I always try and eat local by which I mean eat what the local people eat.