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A Day in the Workshifting Life of Today’s Fashionably Flexible Women
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Today we have a guest post from Roberto Romualdez. Roberto is Head of Wear to Work designs at New York & Company, advocating for fashionable yet functional wear-to-work clothing. NY&CO is a leading specialty retailer of women’s fashion apparel and accessories that provides perfectly fitting work blouses, dresses and tailored suiting options.

Many women in today’s workforce work remotely. Some work for Fortune 500 corporations or startups; others are self-employed. Regardless of whom they work for or what they do, many of these professionals are privileged with the right to choose where they get the job done.

The workshifting lifestyle emphasizes results over the traditional time-stamping mindset, meaning virtual professionals can work from any location at any hour of the day – or night. They rely on the flexibility that technology provides.

So what are women leaders in today’s workshifting world wearing as they dress for success? And, far from the traditional carpeted cubicles and without dress code policies, does style matter when it comes to productivity?

We asked two successful, independent, career-minded professionals to tell us about their fashion views and what they wear while they workshift. Here’s a glance at a day in their lives.

From home office to speaker circuit: Jessica Miller-Merrell 

Jessica Miller-Merrell is a mommy to a three-year-old, the author of Tweet This! Twitter for Business, a keynote speaker, a contributing columnist to Fortune.com and Huffington Post and the owner of Blogging4Jobs, which Forbes magazine just recognized as one of the top online resources for job seekers.

It is a wonder Jessica Miller-Merrell has enough hours in the day to get dressed, let alone look as polished as she does when she travels the speaker circuit.

So what does Jessica wear on a typical day of work?

“Although I spend one third of my time traveling each year, the rest of the time I work from the comfort of my own home. Anyone who reads my blog knows I wear yoga pants and flip-flops if I can get away with it,” said Jessica.

“If I have a speaking gig or important video conference call, I usually will wear a colorful blouse with a cardigan or jacket and wide-legged denim jeans,” Jessica continued. “One of my secrets for success at events is wearing comfortable shoes or boots. I actually blog about this a lot. I want to look good, but I have to be comfortable.”

From coworking space to conference floor: Liz Elam

Owner of Austin’s Link Coworking and host for the annual Global Coworking Unconference Conference, Liz Elam is a pioneer leading the cowork culture.

Recently featured on CNN when she opened her second cowork space in Austin, Liz understands the need for non-traditional work environments and workstyles.

How does this cowork owner dress the part? Liz lets readers in on her typical day and how fashion still plays a role:

Every cowork space has a culture and dress code as unique as each owner’s style. There are over 10 cowork offices in Austin alone. I can only represent cowork fashion as it fits my own style and culture of my cowork space. For me, I like to set the tone and add credibility to the way I approach my business by dressing professionally. My go-to style includes a pair of suede boots, a jean jacket and a dress. I kiss the look with a large belt or jewelry.

We’d love to hear about what works for you and your workshifting lifestyle! Share your own “day in the life” look by dropping a comment below or tweeting @workshifting.