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Today we have a guest post from Katie Wilson. Katie is the Online Marketing Champion for Ruby Receptionists, a telephone answering service that provides cheerful, expert virtual receptionist support to small businesses, legal practices and professionals across the nation. Katie enjoys empowering mobile workers who want to leave the office and provide an impeccable customer experience for their customers.

When you’re working from home, a virtual office or a café, who is answering your company phone? Who is setting the first impression for your business? If you and your team are frequently out of the office, you may not need a traditional full-time receptionist. In fact, you may not even need a brick-and-mortar office at all!

Just as your role may allow more freedom these days, the role of the receptionist has also evolved to meet the new virtual landscape. Virtual receptionist services, which answer and route calls to off-site staff, perform many of the same tasks as an in-house receptionist – without the cost of salary and benefits. Best of all, whether you’re in the office or not, they’ll take care of your clients’ calls and make your business look good.

Work from wherever without sacrificing your image.

If you’re working from a bustling coffee shop or in a quiet library, you might not be able to take incoming calls and still sound professional. If you’re working from home, however, you’ll probably want to receive calls on your landline or cell phone.

You can let your virtual receptionist service know on the fly when (and where) you’re available to take calls and when they should send you messages. The service may even have a mobile app for call handling. When you’re not available, your messages will be emailed and/or texted to you immediately so that no matter where you are, you’re always in the loop.

Get more done.

Virtual receptionists can help you prioritize your time. Limit your interruptions by time blocking and let your service know when you’d like some peace and quiet. Of course, these instructions are usually customizable (perhaps you’d like to be interrupted if a potential client is on the line, but maybe you don’t need to talk to your dry cleaner right away). You can  concentrate, while having the peace of mind that your callers are being treated with warmth and kindness.

Provide better customer service for your clients.

By using a virtual receptionist service, you’re able to work wherever and whenever you’re inspired (while keeping your sanity),  and your callers can speak with a live, professional receptionist when they call your office. And these days, exceptional customer service is what makes businesses stand out.


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  • http://www.cloudstaff.com/ Armie Cabrera

    A great article on the importance of a virtual receptionist. Thank you for posting an informative read.

  • http://www.process-box.com/ Clarissa Lucas

    Virtual assistants are really a great help in accomplishing non-core work. This article give us a good glimpse of how it is to work with VAs. Good read!