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Waiting for Workshifting

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Whenever I workshift from a public space, I wonder if I’m the odd man out. There’s never any lack of open laptops or mobile devices  in play, but the screens I see seem to be suspiciously devoid of work-related email or office programs.

On sites like Workshifting, my mobile workstyle is reinforced and echoed by people like me. But with friends, my workshifting is an exception to the norm – a “luxury” even. After the hundredth time of hearing how lucky I am, I’ve started thinking about playing my odds at the horseraces. For the sake of freeing my cubicle-bound friends (and protecting my wallet), just when will workshifting become commonplace?

The answer, it turns out, may not be news to us, but it likely is to everyone else. A recent Citrix survey reveals that the workplace of the future is not so far off. By the middle of 2014, 83 percent of organizations will offer mobile workstyles. By 2020, roughly a third (29 percent) of people will already be working from outside the traditional office. We’re just ahead of the curve.

Using the survey findings, Citrix put together an awesome infographic about the rise of mobile workstyles. Be sure to check it out for a peek at what’s coming soon to a workplace near you.

(Click to enlarge image. Depending on your browser, you may have to click twice, once to open the image and once to zoom.)


Niklas Edlinger
Nik is a member of the marketing team at Citrix Online in sunny Santa Barbara. Using his background in editing, he reviews white papers, case studies, and articles that all concern workshifting. With a strong passion for technology and progress, Niklas strives to maintain a healthy balance among work, life, and the environment – and he feels workshifting fits perfectly for him. When he is not in the office proofing documents, he can be found out in the ocean surfing, enjoying the water and the open air.