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Archive | October, 2012

Waiting for Workshifting

Posted by on 27 October 2012

Whenever I workshift from a public space, I wonder if I’m the odd man out. There’s never any lack of open laptops or mobile devices  in play, but the screens I see seem to be suspiciously devoid of work-related email or office programs. On sites like Workshifting, my mobile workstyle is reinforced and echoed by […]

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From Baseball to Business

Despite six win-or-go-home games the past couple weeks, the San Francisco Giants battled the odds and pulled off an incredible comeback to make the World Series. Watching them play reminded me of how the pressures players face on the field are not all that different than what professionals face in the office every day. During my […]

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Dolly Parton

Recently, I was told that only a certain type of person could workshift. Apparently, you had to work on the Internet and be a consultant or a freelancer in order to get work done remotely. While working for yourself does make workshifting easier, this doesn’t mean that someone with traditional hours who goes to a […]

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I’ve written before on how using music helps me focus on my most important tasks, but we all have those days when there’s just too much going on, and we need more than a really motivating Spotify playlist. That’s why I’ve put together a few tips on other ways to shut out the chaos. Find a […]

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Our devices can now notify us of the most minimal of happenings. I’m amazed when I see friends’ and co-workers’ phones pop up with the latest likes, pins, posts, nudges and nags. Add in the automatic notification of emails, tweets and other social media updates, and I wonder how some people ever do anything but […]

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10 Qualities

Because I am not a fully independent workshifter (I report in to a “Corporate Office” as a contract employee), I mingle with 100 percent traditional workers who do not share the same privileges I do. And, as much as I enjoy and cherish my workshifting freedoms, I often feel latent pressure to explain and justify […]

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Proofreading Tips for Writers without Editors

In my version of paradise, every writer has an editor – a colleague with a trusted eye for catching grammar, style and design flubs and an unfailing instinct for knowing what you meant to say. This person would review and polish all your content before it went out to the critical public. This person would […]

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Add your notebook to your digital workflow. I have written before about the importance of using a notebook to capture ideas and encourage clarity of mind. Because a notebook is isolated from digital noise, you can write notes without having your train of thought interrupted by desktop reminders and notifications. However, if note-taking is a […]

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Today we have a guest post from Katie Wilson. Katie is the Online Marketing Champion for Ruby Receptionists, a telephone answering service that provides cheerful, expert virtual receptionist support to small businesses, legal practices and professionals across the nation. Katie enjoys empowering mobile workers who want to leave the office and provide an impeccable customer […]

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So, here’s the conundrum. If you had to work on a desert island, which device would you turn to first? Smartphone For many of us, a smartphone display is the first and last screen we see in the day. It’s what we reach for within minutes of waking up (to check our daily to-dos and […]

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