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Where Do You Work Best?

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Where do you work best? It seems like such a straightforward question, but have you ever really thought through your options? More importantly, have you ever actually tested them out?

So many of us seem to work in exactly the same pattern every day without even thinking of change. We work at the same desk with the same kind of gentle background noise using the same programs to get our work done. But if we do that, how are we going to create something new and different or, perhaps,  something better? Everyone needs inspiration now and then.

Now, I realize that some people can’t get away from their everyday working environment. Delivery drivers can’t just ditch the cab of their van if they decide it wasn’t the best for them, for instance. But for a lot of us, our main requirements are simply a computer and an Internet connection. These are things you can take along to or find in places other than your office.

So when was the last time you tried it? Maybe you worked from home a couple of weeks ago – did it go well? Were you lonely, or was it good to get in your own little bubble, put your head down and focus? How about if you tried working from a coffee shop or your local library? Or if the weather is good, a park or outdoor space? Surely it has to be worth a try. You don’t always want to upset the natural order of things, but change can be as good as a rest.

So the next time you’re struggling to come up with that new thing, with inspiration for that important proposal, why not try taking your little working bubble somewhere else? We’d love to hear where you land, so share your favorite workshifting spots in the comments.


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Andrew Millard
Andrew Millard is Senior Director, Marketing, EMEA, Online Services Division, Citrix. Andrew has worked for the Online Services Division for five years. Before joining the company he was Acquisition Manager for T-Mobile Direct, where he was responsible for Post-pay, Pre-pay, Business (SOHO and small business) and Data Proposition across all channels, including web and telesales. His success in developing channel-specific marketing strategies reflects his belief in the critical value of creating highly targeted and compelling propositions, promotions and communications for simple and easy-to-use collaboration tools from Citrix. Andrew's responsibilities at Citrix include demand generation for both EMEA and Asia-Pacific and leading the overall marketing strategy for the expansion of the Online Services Division portfolio across these regions. He is a strong advocate of workshifting and is passionately committed to the Citrix approach, which he believes makes a real difference, directly meeting the needs of today's business by enabling people to work more flexibly and collaboratively. Andrew is a career-long marketer, having gained a BA (Hons) Marketing from Huddersfield and a CIM Professional Diploma. Connect with Andrew on Twitter: @millard_andrew and keep up-to-date with all the latest news: @GoToMeetingUK.
  • EpicCNC

    We work best in every place. I find myself wanting to be outside more and more. With the advances in technology, we are able to do that more often. Throwing Wi-Fi from a Portable Hot-Spot is an amazing ability, having all of the right tools for the job is always what makes working where you WANT to easier!