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Almost any day you can find something new about “maintaining a work-life balance,” as if there were some magical line drawn between the two.

If you punch a clock for work, then, yes, there is a line for you. When you check out for the night, you are off the clock and have no problem ignoring work until you next punch in.

But if you are a workshifter, there is no clock to punch. In this case, I believe that the key to work-life balance is not in finding a separation of the two but in keeping the line between them blurry, gray and hard to find. Because the work you are doing is rewarding to you, you can find a way to fit it into your life so that the two become one.

Working for myself as I do, I choose when I work and when I play.

Recently, I was reviewing a car for my blog, and instead of taking some simple photos for the post, I saw an opportunity to get creative with my camera. Instead of the typical beauty shots, I scouted out a location, waited until the weather was just right and then took the photos. Suddenly, I was getting to flex my creativity and play a bit while working on an assignment.

Blurring the balance line can get even simpler than that. Since we work where and when we want to, just avoid getting stuck in your office.

Yes, having a space set aside in your house for work is great for focus and productivity, but grabbing the laptop and kicking back on the porch while your loved one reads alongside you is great as well. You are both doing your own things, but you get to be near each other at the same time. This shouldn’t be an all-the-time occurrence, but when it works, roll with it.

Stop trying to find a balance and realize that the goal should be to enjoy your entire life as much as possible.


Photo credit: kalexanderson

C.C. Chapman is a leader in the online and social media marketing space. He is an avid photographer, author and keynote speaker. His most recent book (with Ann Handley) Content Rules, is a best seller that explains how companies can create remarkable blogs, podcasts, webinars, ebooks and more. C.C. is an advocate who speaks about building passionate consumer communities, and the strategic values of content-based marketing. He is the host of Passion Hit TV and the founder of Digital Dads. C.C. is a graduate of Bentley University and happily lives in the woods outside of Boston with his loving family.