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In my “workshifting career”, I’ve done some interesting things, including:

  • Workshifting from a busy pub during a World Cup semifinal game (I hated being “that guy” but I had a client deliverable due that day.)
  • Workshifting from a White Sox baseball game at U.S. Cellular Field (technically I wasn’t really working, I was drafting my fantasy football team but I was remote and connected.)
  • Sprinting in-between terminals carrying my open laptop during a quick layover at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, all the while hoping that I wouldn’t lose wifi service (I didn’t) so the document I was working on would send (it did) and trying to make my connection (I did, barely).

I was reminded of these crazy workshifting stories when a friend sent me this YouTube video last weekend. Hint: keep an eye out for Aubrey Plaza, a.k.a. April from NBC’s Parks and Recreation.


OK, your turn. What’s your craziest workshifting story?


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  • matthaze

    I had a last minute audio edit I had to do for a client that was time sensitive, but I also had to leave for a day on a boat with friends. So I took my Mac with me and edited on the boat while heading out! In the old days, I would have to wait to use some permanent hard-wired studio on Monday to do it. Ah, technology.

    • http://www.spindows.com/ Clay Hebert

      Awesome. An audio edit on a boat sounds tricky. Thanks, Matt. Hope you’re well.

  • phbrannigan

    1) Closing a record month from my home office floor (all the furniture had been put on the truck) as the movers packed around me with my dog literally leashed to my belt to prevent him from running away.
    2) Working from the gym snack bar during a week long power outage conducting ROI reviews while sharing a power strip with the former mayor and her husband that was my pistol permit instructor.
    3) Conducting a sales meeting from the hospital family room while my dad was having very tricky open heart surgery.
    4) RFP review discussions with my CEO while on my 10th anniversary vacation out in the front yard of our vacation home because it was the only place I had service due to a metal roof.

    • http://www.spindows.com/ Clay Hebert

      Wow. Those are amazing stories. You’re a workshifting pro!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawnadamsmiller Dawn Adams Miller

    My husband driving the car up to the lake and me having a WebEx with a client. Done this working on a deliverable too. Also have done this in an RV while going cross-country, again, the hubs was driving.

    • http://www.spindows.com/ Clay Hebert

      Good that your husband was driving. We never recommend workshifting while driving – it’s even more dangerous than texting.

  • http://www.startsomewhere.com/ Leah Neaderthal

    I had a conference call scheduled and just before it, I got a huge surprise: my girlfriend proposed! I made it to the call, shared the news, and my team let me go to celebrate. :)

  • http://twitter.com/gayle2nturner Gayle Turner

    I was in a video meeting with 2 members of my company’s legal team when my potty training daughter emerged from the bathroom with no pants on. Without thinking, I said, “Excuse me, I need to put some panties on,” leaned off camera to help my daughter, and returned to the meeting. Luckily, the 2 ladies on the call were also moms. They laughed and applauded my daughter – “Yay for using the potty! Good girl!” And then we went back to discussing trademarks.