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Australia’s Mobility Mounts

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I was looking at the latest research from analyst firm IDC on mobile working trends in the Asia/Pacific region, and there were some very interesting insights that grabbed my attention. According to the report, titled Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast, the mobile worker population will inflate to 838.7 million by 2015, with 40% of workers being “mobile”.

While there isn’t a breakdown for Australian figures, the rollout of the NBN and Australia’s first National Teleworking Week in November will likely see the number of Aussies workshifting explode as more people realize that they can reap the benefits of a remote working lifestyle.

What struck me from the research is that it predicts that the vast majority of these mobile workers will still be office-based. Obviously, being “mobile” doesn’t automatically mean that people will no longer work in the office; it just means that workers will enjoy far more flexibility in the way that they work. And that is what our goal is at Citrix – to make it simpler for us to get our work done, whether it be from the office or our favourite coffee shop – Max Brenner in my case!

The move from the PC era to the cloud era is fundamentally changing the way that we work, meaning it’s no longer considered an inconvenience or upheaval for us to work outside the office.

In the PC era, work was based on some core assumptions – that we all work in an office, use a corporate-issued PC and are primarily attached to a wired network. Occasionally there would be exceptions to this – such as laptop usage, email outside the corporate environment, or the use of our own personal devices. However, as we transition into the cloud era, more of us want to be mobile, use personal devices, be wireless and use cloud-based applications. We want to have the flexibility to work according to our own different lifestyles and more organizations are realizing that this work flexibility is key to attracting and retaining top talent.

As computing devices become more customizable and personal, more of us are using the same devices for personal and professional use, linking our emails, calendars and social networks. Work is no longer restricted to the physical boundaries of the office. At Citrix, we are powering today’s way of working by ensuring that these devices enable us to stay connected, provide us with access to all our data and enable us to work from wherever we feel most productive.

It’s clear that a mobile workforce is now fundamental to improving staff productivity, attracting and retaining top talent, improving business continuity and driving business growth. Therefore, planning and implementing an effective mobile strategy is the key to receiving the full benefits of the transition from the PC era to the cloud era.

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  • Stefan

    Great article, but there is no way this picture was taken in Australia – that coffee is way too big!  :)

  • Lucas Olmos

    Hey nice article Seamus, this message is really needed in the nonprofit sector. When pay is lower increased mobility/ flexibility is v.important for staff.

  • brad