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Archive | May, 2012

Our post today comes from the founder and CEO of Mom Corps, Allison O’Kelly. Mom Corps is a national flexible staffing firm dedicated to connecting progressive employers with professionals seeking flexible work options. Allison founded the company in 2005 after facing her own struggle with balancing her professional and personal lives. Today, a mother of […]

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Summer vacation is a lot different for my kids than it was for me. Aside from regular swimming lessons and a weekly trip to the library, my childhood summers were mostly unstructured, spent playing outside with the neighbors’ kids, watching “The Monkees” reruns and bickering with my siblings. Now, we live in a neighborhood with […]

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The Downside to Workshifting

Posted by on 14 May 2012

The woman standing next to me on the platform finished checking her email, and I smiled knowingly. It was my afternoon off, all my clients knew it, but I still felt compelled to acknowledge a couple of messages myself. She was headed to the dentist, running late because she had tried to get that “one […]

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Home-Working Essentials

Home-Working Essentials

Posted by on 10 May 2012

About a year ago, I ran a series on my website where readers sent in photos and descriptions of their favorite bits from their workshifting kits. I find it’s one of those topics that most often crop up when I talk with home workers face to face or online. They mention the items that they […]

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We’re easily distracted. The phone rings. A co-worker drops by. The neighbors chat loudly. Unfortunately, with so many attention-grabbing interruptions, staying focused at work can become its own job. Many workshifters stand by the virtues of the home workspace, which can help alleviate many of these concerns (while admittedly adding others). But what if you’re […]

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