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Archive | December, 2011

6 Tablet Computer Productivity Tips

Posted by on 28 December 2011

Being a workshifter is a constant quest for productivity. Do more with as little as possible – at least, that was one of the reasons I used to justify buying a tablet computer earlier this year. As such, I’ve been putting my iPad 2 to the test. My goal was to figure out if tablets […]

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Today we have a guest post from Camille Preston, PhD. Camille is the founder and CEO of AIM Leadership, one of the country’s premier organizational and leadership development firms. She is a pioneer in the field of Virtual Effectiveness and the author of Rewired: How to Work Smarter, Live Better, and Be Purposefully Productive in […]

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The Harvard Business Review never ceases to speak my language, reveal my deepest and darkest professional secrets and remind me that I am not alone. In a recent HBR blog post “Should You Stay Late or Go Home?” Ron Ashkenas reported that more and more employees are working longer “since there’s always more to do […]

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The Anatomy of a List

Posted by on 14 December 2011

I was the type of kid who got lost looking up a word in the dictionary. Twenty minutes after flipping the cover open, I would find myself deeply concentrating on some random page, reading entry after entry. I wouldn’t even be in the right letter for the word I’d set out to look up. Without […]

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When I first gave up my office environment for the life of a digital nomad, one of the earliest things I noticed was how flexible my time had become. I loved my newfound freedom! However, I soon discovered that I didn’t seem to be getting quite as much accomplished as I had when I was […]

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Slowly but surely, a seismic shift is taking place in the way that we work. We are far more enlightened and aware of exactly what is possible, and we are beginning to question what working for a living actually imposes on us, our family and our private lives. We understand that we need to work […]

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