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I attend online meetings a lot. And it’s not just because my company makes GoToMeeting. Rather, it’s because we’ve adopted a workshifting culture where colleagues are often working at disparate locations, either at home, at a different company office or on the road (for conferences, vacations, etc.).

We’ve also adopted the Agile project management methodology, which calls for frequent planning and status meetings.

Add to that the fact that my job is often collaborative, as I work with marketing managers, designers, web developers and other editors, and I end up with a truckload of online meetings in my calendar. I have so many that I’d call myself an online meeting power user.

Are you a power user as well? Take a look at the checklist below to see how you compare.

You might be an online meeting power user if:

  • You host or attend 10 or more online meetings per week.

  • You can start a meeting and eat a sandwich at the same time.
  • You’re super fast with the mute button – either to mute yourself while you finish your sandwich or to silence the guy typing on a snare drum.
  • You meet with people in so many time zones that you open each meeting with “Good morning, good afternoon and good evening!”
  • You keep your headset on all day, just in case you need to join a meeting and use VoIP.
  • You host your meetings online even when attendees are in the same room with you.

If you’re an online meeting power user like me, I salute you.

I think it’s not only neat you use the latest workshifting technology and have a collaborative job like I do but also progressive because I believe we power users are doing good in the world. We’re getting the job done; we’re balancing work with sandwiches life; AND we’re helping to protect the environment by meeting online instead of burning fossil fuels to travel.

Consider yourself invited to the online meeting power user club. Feel free to share your online meeting power tips and tricks with the rest of us in the comments below.

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Gayle Turner
Gayle Turner is well accustomed to adapting to new work environments. Since she started working as an editor at Citrix in 2004, her work station has been moved 10 times. She also works at home a few days per week to reduce commuting time and spend more time with her family. A mother of two, she once managed to change a diaper during an online meeting without anyone noticing. Gayle’s editorial career has included preparing medieval and Renaissance texts for publication, writing and editing abstracts from American history periodicals and working on marketing copy and user guides for commercial software. She currently manages the Writing and Editorial Services team at the Online Services division of Citrix.