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Archive | May, 2011

Workshifting in Cowboy Boots

Posted by on 31 May 2011

I sat down recently for coffee with a man who quickly informed me that he once hiked along the Great Wall in a pair of cowboy boots. I followed his gaze to his feet where two travel-worn boots were cooling beneath the table. I knew right then that this wasn’t going to be any ordinary […]

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Today we have a guest post from Brian deHaaff who is a Senior Product Line Director at the Online Services division of Citrix Systems, as part of the IT Services product group. As the workforce becomes increasingly distributed, there is no reason that IT managers should continue to be chained to their desks. IT pros […]

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Traveling Light with Technology

Posted by on 19 May 2011

I don’t travel a whole lot. Well, definitely not as much as some of you. But as I was getting ready for a trip to Chicago last week, I pondered my options for what type of technology I’d bring with me. Do I leave the laptop at home and go entirely mobile? Could I get […]

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Happy Trails

Posted by on 16 May 2011

Have you ever dreamed of a cross-country trip? Taking your time to go from state to state, meeting people, seeing the sites and…working? That’s right, working! On May 15th my Mom and I began our cross-country trip from Santa Rosa, CA to Atlanta, GA, for a cousin’s wedding and then we’ll be continuing our adventure […]

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Working from home is a great way to start a business while keeping costs down or to work for a distant employer. However, the danger of isolation has always been a big problem for workshifters, who can sometimes find themselves lonely and lacking motivation. Some home-based workshifters now have the opportunity to solve that problem […]

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Sorry Basecamp. Stay away QuickBooks. No thanks, Harvest, because I’m a paper girl at heart. Maybe it’s my roots with my dad’s old college typewriter, the non-electric one in which you had to pound the keys one by one so that the work of writing was truly work. Or maybe it’s because I just can’t […]

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Workshifting Continuity Plan

Posted by on 5 May 2011

Two days a week I am 5 minutes from my office workshifting at home. This lets me see more of my children and helps me better understand both the products I market (GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting, mainly) and the audience I market them to. Sometimes it’s convenient to be just 5 minutes away – if something […]

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Do You Need a Routine?

Posted by on 2 May 2011

When I gave up my bricks and mortar office 5 years ago, I underwent a significant lifestyle change. No longer was I “heading into the office” every day. I was a free bird, able to flit around at my own pace, on my own schedule, where and with whom I wanted. It was blissful for […]

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