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Is Your Routine Flexible?

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Workshifters are an independent lot. We have to be, since we’re writing the rules for the way we work–and likely the way more and more people will work in the future. Yet lots of people don’t get it, don’t get us, and don’t believe that you can actually get stuff done when your office is alternately a home room, a park bench, a coffeehouse, and Seat 22B on a plane.

Today’s post comes via a comment from Jon Humberstone, who posed the following question:

“I have worked solo for many years, and it is still a challenge to stay focused, disciplined and productive. However, I chose to work for myself specifically so that I wouldn’t have to work 9 – 5. I resist the idea that I have to work a specific set of hours in order to be productive. I’m still searching for a more personalized way of creating patterns, routines, and strategies that help me stay productive without having to adopt the very work schedule I wanted to avoid. Thoughts?”

My reply: Being solo and working from home (or anywhere else you choose) isn’t about avoiding routine–it’s about being able to set your own routine.

I’ve found that, without some structure, it’s hard to stay focused. So maybe you optimize around your biorhythms (I’m way more productive in the a.m.), or prioritize around key tasks or gym time. When I’m training for a race, for example, I look at the calendar and try to figure out the best day to run weather-wise. Then I try to block out that time on my calendar each week. And I often work on Sunday mornings, because it’s quiet time when my mind is clear to write.

That’s my two cents. What advice would you give Jon?

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  • http://workfromhometipsonline.com RonPayne

    I agree we need some kind of structure. I attempt to take care of all action items before 14:30pm. I not that focused late in the afternoon.

    • http://www.steigmancommunications.com Daria Steigman

      I’m like you. I try to get the client (and creative) stuff done early whenever possible, and use the late afternoons to dig into my RSS feed or otherwise do tasks that require less concentration.