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Customer service is an important skill for anyone. Your job description might not have the words “customer service” in it, but service is always part of what you do. Even if you don’t face your company’s customers, you still have internal ones. These people could be your bosses, other departments, or peers. Since this is the case, let’s look at a few tips on how to provide excellent customer service.

Make It Easy

Give your customers clear channels to communicate with you. No matter what method you may prefer– chat, email, or phone–you need to let people know how to reach you in times of need.


You need to be available when workshifting. Since you aren’t in the office down the hall or the cube next door, stay accessible and respond in a reasonable amount of time. Set deadlines for when you will get back to people and then hold yourself accountable to them.

Solve Problems and Find Solutions

Reactive customer service is solving problems when they come to you. Proactive customer service, better yet, is about finding solutions to issues beforehand. Listening to customers allows you to anticipate potential issues before they arise. In being proactive, you come out a hero.


Find a way to keep track of customer interactions. On a small scale, a simple spreadsheet may suffice, but if you’re a larger operation you may need to use a customer relation management tool. This accomplishes two things:

  1. It shows the customer you are in it for the long term when you remember key information and communications.

  2. It helps you save time when dealing with similar issues.

If you work, you are in customer service; it is not an optional commitment. These are just four tips to help you stay ahead of the curve. The sad thing is that customer service is so poor in most places that even if you are just average, you look like a star. And you are not average, so why not start providing excellent customer service now?

What are some of your customer service tips?

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David Horne
David Horne is a marketer and writer pursuing the location non-specific lifestyle. When not running his digital agency, content studio or golf startup, you can find him on the golf course or typing at davidhorne.me.
  • http://www.teledirect.com/ Phillip Eastwood

    Indeed. Customer service can be easy or stressful, and the deciding factor between the two is a calm mind and a bit of organizational skills. In customer service, especially call centers, things could be pretty hectic due to difficult customers. Organizing your thoughts will help you understand the customer, and keeping calm will make sure that you do your job correctly despite any difficulty.