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Archive | April, 2011

The Earth Day festival grounds in Santa Barbara, California, were packed. Big-name corporations and small-town grassroots tabled side-by-side, peddling the same message: with so many easy ways to go green, anyone in any work situation can do something for the environment. The significance of this idea was not lost on the revelers, who take commitment […]

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Working without a Net

Posted by on 25 April 2011

I’m a pacing queen. Not of hallways and offices, but of miles on my feet at a steady, predictable clip that can stretch for hours. I’m a believer in watches, and chrono settings, and perfectly spaced intervals of pathway. Then one day my watch croaked about 3 minutes into a 2-hour run. Time management is […]

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Although I may not have read every entry that has been published on Workshifting.com, I have read enough of them to glean a solid idea of the types of individual who choose, and often fight, to walk down this road of workshifting still less travelled. So, I began to wonder – how many of us […]

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The Relevance of Results

Posted by on 19 April 2011

Can flexible workplaces change the way we do business? This question was recently explored during a mid-morning discussion on Minnesota Public Radio. Best Buy and The Gap are no strangers to a results-only workplace environment, or ROWE, and progressively more companies are discovering the benefits of this type of arrangement. Rather than placing emphasis on […]

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Customer service is an important skill for anyone. Your job description might not have the words “customer service” in it, but service is always part of what you do. Even if you don’t face your company’s customers, you still have internal ones. These people could be your bosses, other departments, or peers. Since this is […]

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  Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe I’ve been workshifting for almost ten years. That’s how long I’ve had my consulting business. For me, work happens in many different places: home, airports, hotels, coffee shops, and sometimes client sites. One thing I learned early in my consulting life, which still holds true today, is […]

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9 Worry-Busting Tips

Posted by on 12 April 2011

“I’ve developed a new philosophy… I only dread one day at a time.” – Charlie Brown (Charles Schulz) Up to 90% of all visits to the doctor are for stress-related symptoms and the major cause of stress is worry. We all know that worrying serves no purpose, but that doesn’t make it easy to stop […]

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I’m not your typical home-based worker. What do you imagine when you think of a home-based worker? I used to think of a work-at-home mother, because my mom worked from home through most of my childhood. Times have changed since then. Younger people are working from home and you no longer have to rewind a […]

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Memoirs of a Former Commuter

Posted by on 7 April 2011

I’ve survived seven Minnesota winters. And during the many long, blustery winter months, I have had the pleasure and privilege of workshifting daily. That means I have not had to leave the house in the dark of the morning to coax my car to start. I have not had to feel the cold, stiff car […]

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Listen up, consultants and solopreneurs. It’s time you learned to carefully, thoughtfully say No. That’s right. In this economy, when the cost of gas is up and hourly rates are down and the check isn’t quite in the mail as promised, you need to learn to say No. On the cheap Erika Napoletano (aka Readhead […]

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