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Freedom To Let Go Contest

Yes, you read that title correctly and no it isn’t just title-bait to get you to click on this post. Have you ever wanted the freedom to just let go of work? Of the office? Of the 9-5 grind? A chance to restore work-life balance into your life. If you had the chance to do that, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you see?

We’ve written extensively about work-life balance and hear stories every day from our community about the inability to take time away from work because of project responsibilities, financial concerns and sometimes just a lack of time to even plan a getaway.

We’ve heard you yelling from the rooftops and are coming to the rescue. If you didn’t hear, earlier this week GoToMyPC launched their GoToMyPC for iPad app and we wanted to find a way to celebrate. Since the teams who worked so hard on this project, and are responsible for keeping the lights on around here, are already heads down back on new projects, we want to celebrate with YOU!

We’re giving away $10,000, an iPad and a one-year subscription to GoToMyPC. What if we told you it only took 30-seconds to potentially win all of that and all you had to do was tell us what you would do if you had the freedom to let go. Sounds impossible, right? Wrong. Here are the contest details:

ENTER: Film a 30-second video sharing your “Freedom to Let Go” story, then post it on the GoToMyPC Facebook Page by 11:59 PM (EST) on March 18, 2011. It’s that simple.

HOPE: We will pick three finalists and announce them on March 23. Then it’s up to you and your friends to pick the winner.

CELEBRATE: All 3 finalists will receive an iPad. On April 1st, the video with the most votes by the public will win the freedom to let go with the grand prize of $10,000, an iPad and a one-year subscription to GoToMyPC.

If you can’t see the video below, you can check it out here:

What are you doing still reading this post?!? Get your camera out and tell your story!

PS: Camera shy? We understand! Get creative and tell your story using puppets, drawings, animation, stand in’s, your pets! We just need to see your story on video.

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  • http://www.webguide4u.com Vivek Parmar

    Looking forward to get in contest being as a freelancer it is a great chance for me

  • http://rantsnrascals.com/ Jodi Shaw

    Is this open for Canadians ? I want to enter this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnmharvey John Harvey

    It looks like I made it into the top3 of this contest! Thank you for this opportunity. I’m so psyched! I could totally send you some video or posts of what I did after I won the prize. Would you want that?