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Coping with Flexibility Anxiety

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Recently, I caught up with an old college acquaintance. Nick is new to the workshifting world. He is finding his liberation from the cube farm exciting and daunting. His background is in finance, where the office environments are notoriously “cheek in seat.” He explained that everyone focused on keeping up with appearances instead of being productive.

Nick now has control over the productivity of his day but is so used to going to the office he feels like an alien in the outside world. He said he catches himself feeling guilty for working in a coffee shop or getting all of his work for the day done early. I let him know he was OK and the feeling will pass.

Flexibility Anxiety

Many new workshifters leave the confines of traditional office life feeling a little like Red as he left Shawshank Prison. It takes a little time to adjust to office anywhere life. I call the experience Flexibility Anxiety.

If you are new to working out of coffee shops, airports, hotels, or a home office, don’t worry. You are OK. The sensation of being unplugged from the Matrix will pass. Here are a few posts from workshifting.com that will help you get acclimated to your new professional lifestyle.

How to Prepare for Becoming a Workshifter

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Work/Life Balance When Work is Wherever You Are

The Greatest Benefit of Workshifting: The Life Shift

Cast off the need of waiting for the clock to strike five. You no longer need to lose hours sitting in traffic or in pointless meetings. Enjoy working in an environment you control. You now have the freedom of choice.

Take a deep breath. You are OK.

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David Horne
David Horne is a marketer and writer pursuing the location non-specific lifestyle. When not running his digital agency, content studio or golf startup, you can find him on the golf course or typing at davidhorne.me.
  • http://www.workfromhomewisdom.com Judy

    I felt exactly the same when I gave up my job with a UK chainstore to start a cleaning business. In retail there are strict rules about when you can leave the store, what time you have to be back etc and even in human resources they applied to me too.
    So I felt distinctly shifty about my newfound freedom and walking about in the middle of the afternoon. I was constantly half-expecting someone to challenge me and send me back to work!
    But as you say, you do gradually get used to it and then there’s just no return!

    • http://davidhorneis.com/ david horne

      Judy, Thanks for sharing. It is amazing how we become conditioned to showing up versus being productive. You are right too, once you experience workshifting it is all but impossible to go back.