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You might want to steer clear of this post if you were looking for procrastination busters! I’m in the mood for levity and fun, and having done a bit of self-observation this morning of how I’ve actively avoided doing all but one of the things on my to do list, I thought I’d take it a step further and share my slothful seven ways of procrastinating.

7 Procrastination Techniques as a Workshifter

  1. Tarrying in Holiday Daydream Heaven
    There are cottage sites to search, skiing holidays to plan (and honestly, it’s soooo complicated, getting all the childcare coordinated, the lift passes, the right chalet, comparing snow conditions in different resources: someone’s gotta do it). I generally plan (but never book) a short break to Disneyland Paris about twice a year; this is a great way to waste at least 40 minutes or so. There’s nothing quite like it for lifting the soul, especially on a gloomy, rainy November day like today. Hmmm, I wonder if there are any airline sales on at the moment?

  2. Lingering around Twitter
    Actually, no, this doesn’t count as procrastinating. As any self respecting workshifter knows, social media is an essential part of any decent 21st century marketing and business development toolkit, isn’t it? So it’s actually a productive use of my time and is bound to lead somewhere jolly profitable. Gosh, have you seen what @B_List_Celebrity_Bimbo has just tweeted?
  3. Dilly-dallying in the kitchen
    There’s something about making my kitchen look like a minimalist designer show home that is a critical part of my pre-writing ritual. I’m not quite sure why cleaning the kitchen surfaces nurtures the creative writing process, particularly as I don’t write in the kitchen, but one mustn’t stifle the creative process, must one?
  4. Dawdling on eBay
    One tiny thought: “I need a slug trap” or “I wonder if I can find a pair of cashmere socks at a bargain price” and I’m off. The beauty of eBay is that I can spend hours researching the best slug trap, and then remember at the point of sale that we need a new roof rack for the car. There are endless things I need from eBay. So much stuff, so little time. Well, maybe just another 15 minutes.
  5. Prolonged Email Culling
    No matter how many different systems I try to implement to deal like with emails, they always seem to conquer me. It’s an endless war, and I rarely win a battle. I end up with a tonne of those emails that I’m not quite ready to answer, that I didn’t know how to answer or that I know would just take too much brainpower, effort or finger tapping to answer. So I leave them.

    However, given the choice between the work I’m supposed to be doing and culling those emails, I’ll get the email scythe out every time. After all, once I’ve culled the emails, I’ll create so much mental energy and I’ll be able to concentrate fully on the task that I’ve been putting off. Surely this works every time for you too?

  6. Frittering away the day doing anything else
    Today I have been highly industrious and conscientious: I have researched and found a watch repairers that can fully refurbish my old Gucci watch at a reasonable price, packaged said watch and had a conversation with said watch repairer. I have packaged up 3 books that I’m swapping via the book swap site www.readitswapit.com (another highly recommended place for procrastinators, but do try to find people to swap with who have very LONG book lists) and turned the innards of the Hallowe’en pumpkin into a very nice pumpkin soup. Really impressive, eh! It’s just unfortunate that my business is not as a soupmaker, a watch seller or a book reviewer. Getting everything else (ANYTHING ELSE) done is definitely one of the best procrastination techniques. At least with this one I’m doing something vaguely useful. At least if I’m not working on the business I can feel like a Domestic Goddess and Gold Star Homemaker.
  7. Moseying around Amazon
    Those darned clever people at Amazon with their nifty tracking robots that know me SOOOO well. They have perfected the art of piquing my curiosity and greed for just the right book, CD or general household appliance that will definitely complement the book, CD or general household appliance that I bought from Amazon last week. Those dastardly Amazon emails with their siren calling “50% off these books that you might be interested in…” mesmerize me and compel me into clicking that alluring link into Amazontopia. And without doubt, that book on “Get it Done Now” currently on offer at 50% off is JUST the thing to stop me procrastinating….

When you’re in a mood to procrastinate, what are your traps?

Photo Credit: Emilie Ogez

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