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In my last post, I started a conversation about the importance of self-management when it comes to workshifting. The first quality to successful self-management is of course, knowing yourself.

The second quality to successful workshifting has to do with the work itself. There are many different ways to earn a living. Finding the way that’s right for you is key. Here’s are a few questions you can ask yourself to help refine the kind of work you enjoy:

  1. Think about a time when you’ve felt you were at your most productive. Then list what was taking place at that time – what were you working on, what was the office environment like, who were your co-workers, etc.

  2. By contrast, do the same thing but identify the time when you’ve felt you were your least productive. And what those elements were surrounding you at the time.
  3. Now think of work on this continuum, with most productive on one end and least productive on the other.
  4. Lastly, take a moment to assess where you are right now on this continuum.

As you make career decisions, it only makes sense to move toward your most productive. Our careers aren’t single decisions. Most of us spend our entire lives changing and modifying our jobs to achieve that most productive state.

The idea being, as we become more productive, we like our work more and the success associated with enjoying our work will come along with it.

Let’s add a layer to this conversation by saying you’re thinking about asking your boss for a workshifting arrangement. This can help you put some focus around the discussion. Outline where you are right now on the continuum and provide detail how a workshifting arrangement will move you toward a move productive place.

Another aspect to doing productive work is having the right environment. Yes – workshifting is all about being able to work anywhere…but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own personal tips and resources to help us maximize efficiency.

Using those same questions above, be sure you include on your most productive and least productive lists items such as equipment that helped you be productive or restricted you. This could be lighting, chairs, computers, desk space, whatever…

Being a successful workshifter is about being able to be productive. Knowing the exact recipe for making that happen will help you maintain a high level of productivity no matter where you are.

The third quality on the list? Well as much as we know ourselves and our work, not everything can go as planned…look for problem solving next.

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