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Chasing Mobility

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I’ve been workshifting for a long time. I started out with pens and paper and dimes for the payphone – long before e-mail was ordinary and mobile phones were ubiquitous. 
I embraced technology at every step, and my business life is littered with the detritus of obsolete objects to prove it. DOS-only systems. Floppy disks. Zip drives. Dot matrix printer. Flat screen monitor. Thermal-paper fax machine… 
At every step, mobility took a skip forward and connecting with clients and colleagues got a little easier. Faxing replaced telexes and courier services. E-mail made delivering documents near instantaneous. Laptops let you take your office with you. And today I’m looking at real-time streams of conversation and wondering what comes next.
And yet…  I’m still searching for true mobility. Still learning what’s possible. You see, the other day I had an epiphany that I could forward my office number to my mobile and take calls when I’m workshifting from the rooftop deck or the corner bar.
Chasing mobility is made up of skips and leaps forward, and occasional duh moments. 
What are you doing to find your mobility? Any leaps or duhs to share?
Photo Credit: Philip Bitnar
Daria Steigman is the founder of Steigman Communications. She is a business and marketing strategist, and a writer, and works with companies, associations, and international organizations to put in place smart communications strategies to support your goals and objectives. Read more at www.steigmancommunications.com.
  • Tom Getchius

    Though I’ve only been in the workforce 5 years I’m continuing to chase mobility and jumping on board with the latest technologies. Some of my obvious choices for mobility have been my iPhone, an extra battery for it, Skype for international and free WiFi communication, and my laptop. Some of my not so obvious, tangible mobility is through the “cloud” (Google Docs). I took my laptop with me to my brother’s house 5 hours away this past weekend and didn’t even pull it out of my bag to edit a presentation. I logged onto Google Docs, pulled up the presentation, and tweaked away.

  • mkmartin

    Daria, one that I have started using more is my iPad. At first it took a little time to adjust how I work on it but it has quickly become my go to device. Small, instant on, very fast, I find myself using my laptop less and less.

    Some really nice apps are coming out for it. The new Evernote client is very nice, Flipboard has introduced a new way to interact with my Twitter stream. Apps are getting better and better.