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What is Your Workshifting Spinach?

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BlackBerryZL-Honou.jpgMy workshifting must-have is, without a doubt, my BlackBerry. It helps to keep me connected, organized and on task. My BlackBerry also makes me feel invincible, like I am able to handle any writing project or task thrown my way. I am Popeye after he gulps down a can of spinach: instantly strong and ready to kick some rear. My BlackBerry is my spinach.

I have unnatural obsessions with a lot of things: pens, bags and coffee topping the list.  My obsession with my smart phone is, by far, the healthiest and most productive. I used to feel self-conscious about my obsession with inanimate objects until I realized that most writers and journalists I have crossed paths with seem to have some fixation or other. For instance, I know several writers who swear by Moleskins and Sharpies. One broadcast journalist I know takes notes and outlines her scripts only on yellow legal notepads.

I felt even more self-assured about my BlackBerry obsession when I read an article on  NYDailyNews.com about the ultimate workshifter, author Peter Brett, who wrote his novels on his BlackBerry during his daily train commutes. Shortly after reading that article, I happened upon another article about a BlackBerry-obsessed writer. Songwriter and rapper Aubrey Graham, who performs under the name Drake, revealed in a UsMagazine.com article that he writes his rap lyrics exclusively using a BlackBerry.  

All of the above writers and journalists are very productive and very good at what they do. I think that is in no small part due to the fact that they have found the tools and routines that work best for them in their workshifting lifestyle. They have found their spinach.   

What is your spinach? 

Photo Credit: Honou

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