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iphone.jpgSuccessful workshifting is not only about being flexible and adaptable; it’s about being resourceful.Having the right tools at the right time. To keep my productivity at a high level, I always try to talk with other iPhone users to discover their favorite
apps. I’ve learned so much to help manage my daily activities.

We’ve already talked about note-taking
and file storage, two app categories every workshifter must have. But what about the others? There has to be more. To get the conversation started, here’s my
list of go-to apps:

  1. Ego ($1.99) –
    If you like keeping track of your analytics, Ego
    is a handy application. I can monitor my
    blog subscribers along with page views and unique subscribers. I can immediately tell when something unusual is happening with my website traffic and investigate.
  2. Social Media Apps – Instead of separating them
    out, I’m just gonna lump the common social networking apps together. LinkedIn
    (free), Facebook (free), and your
    favorite Twitter app are a must. Speaking of Twitter, I can’t decide between Twitter
    (free) or Tweetdeck (free), so I
    have them both. My connections/friends/tweeps tend to use these applications instead of email, so I like to have access and be in a position to respond.
  3. Bump (free) – If
    you’re trying to swap contact info with someone and don’t want to do the old
    school business card, Bump is fun way to swap
    data. If both people have the app, you
    just open the app – do a fist bump – and viola! contact info is loaded on your
  4. FedEx
    (free) – Recently, I’ve had to send a couple of overnight packages while
    traveling. This app from FedEx is wonderful. You can load the tracking
    number and have peace of mind the package arrived on time.
  5. Southwest
    (free) – Being a consultant, I travel quite a bit. And Southwest Airlines offers great rates (remember
    bags fly free!) But the secret to
    traveling on Southwest is checking in at the right time. With the Southwest Airlines app, you can
    check in using your iPhone.
  6. Open Table
    (free) – When I’m at a conference or an out of town meeting, the conversation
    always turns to “where are we having dinner?” I try to do some research for cool places on
    the front end, but if time escapes me, I look to Open Table. I can search for restaurants in the area and
    make a reservation. All from my iPhone.
  7. Starbucks
    (free) – And the same goes for that morning cup of coffee or tea. Need to find someplace for a caffeine fix or
    just looking for some free WiFi? The Starbucks
    iPhone app will take care of you.

And I can’t resist tossing in a couple of apps to kill time
between appointments or while you’re waiting at the airport. Enjoy
(free and premium versions) and Zombie Farm
(free) – two of my latest faves.

What are the iPhone apps that help you stay
productive? Drop us your favorites in
the comments.

Photo Credit: William Hook

  • Millerwalt

    Line Up 2, it’s addictive! Oh, sorry, you said productive (I was distracted by Line Up2) It’s free!

    • http://www.hrbartender.com Sharlyn Lauby

      Line up2?! Oh I’m in big trouble…ha.ha.

  • http://zze.st Maxim

    That’s a great list, thank you!

    There are few which I did not know about.

    I created my own collection of free and smart apps about half a year ago and it did not change much since then: http://zze.st/best-free-international-iphone-apps/

  • mckraken

    Evernote – can’t live without it….

  • http://www.hrbartender.com Sharlyn Lauby

    Thanks for sharing the list! There are some apps I haven’t heard of…will check them out.

  • http://www.appshouter.com iPhone App Reviews

    Really very nice collection have got some nice names…