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4438905748_dbb8fecc3d_m.jpgAre you one of those perfect neat and tidy types? The kind that never have a pencil out of place or a double booking in your schedule? If that is the case then you really don’t need to read this. However, If you are like the rest of the 99% of us….Read On!

Nope I’m not going to blather on about getting your life in order, and I’m not going to preach the latest five tips on how to keep a clean office. Rather, I’m going to tell you a story that just might hit home for many of you up to your ears in paper and stacked up coffee cups.

Years before I had this illustrious career as a glorified typist and web strategist I worked as a Chef in fine dining establishments. For those of you that have ever worked in the business you know that some chefs are the neat and tidy types while others have a lot to learn about keeping an organized work station. I happened to be in the latter group where the perception of speed and efficiency always seemed to trump organization.

About three years into my career as a chef I was offered a job under a classically trained French Chef at one of the finest Country Clubs in New York. I jumped at the chance assuming I would learn more from this man about cooking in a year than I had learned in all of the previous three combined. Little did I know Lesson One would be my first night on the line.

So you have heard phrases like, “We are throwing you to the wolves” or “You need to learn to swim sometime!” Well, that was my first Friday night at the Country Club. I had been working in this kitchen a total of three hours before the chef had posted me to the grille station for the evening. I would be cooking all grilled seafood and steaks that night! “Piece of cake”, I told myself. After all, I had been working the grille in my previous job and it was a very busy place. I was up for this task. Of course, eager to please my new boss and pumped up on adrenaline I began prepping food for that evenings service. About 30-40 minutes into my prep work the Chef came barreling towards me. I was hoping he was coming to give me a pep talk and to wish me good luck my first night as part of his brigade. Unfortunately, it was not.

The Chef in all of his mighty wisdom whispered in my ear and said, “Look at your station.   You have knives and trimmings everywhere.  A cluttered workspace is a cluttered mind.” and he walked away.

So my recommendation to YOU is this. If your working in a cluttered office…. get it uncluttered. I don’t care how you do it. Wrangle up the kids, hire a decorator or whatever works for you, but don’t put it off a second longer. In fact. Take a photo of the office before and take another with the office after. Post it online and share the link here with us in the comments!

Just remember the phrase from the wise old French Chef: “A cluttered workspace is a cluttered mind.”

Photo Credit: NAIT