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Work Poetry: Thoughts from Barcelona

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About three months ago, I was in Barcelona, Spain speaking at a conference.  Barcelona is a town teeming with hidden art.  You will quite literally be walking down a conventional downtown road, only to look down a corridor and find a sculpture, which you may not understand, but speak to you.  During our time, there I really began to think about our work.

Is our work just that – “work”? Or can it, should it be something more?

  • John

    I’ve felt that my work is part “Art” and part “Science”. Many successful artists use both sides of their brain, and “good” work should be the same. Haven’t you ever worked with someone who delivered exactly what they were supposed to but it clearly wasn’t the best type of work. I would hazard a theory that they are only using one part of their brain.

  • http://www.mirmat.wordpress.com mirmat

    nice you said Catalunya!!! ;)

    i’m glad u loved my country!! and yes, out business is basicaly art :)