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I Google Myself

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2226178289_3f9556c08f_m.jpgI Google myself. If you’re reading this blog, you probably Google yourself too. And if you’re like me you may even have a Google alert set up for your full name. Ok, maybe you don’t go that far. Over half (57%) of adult internet users have Googled their name to check on their online reputation, according to a recent study by Pew Research Center called “Reputation Management and Social Media.” The study goes on to talk about reputation management as a defining feature of online life. This research also signifies a broader acceptance of the workshifting culture as we try to build reputations and connections with people around the world in a remote way.

Reputation used to be all about shaking hands and kissing babies. And although in person engagements and interactions are still crucial, online presence is becoming more and more important. When you apply for job, HR is going to Google your name. According to the Pew Research study, young adults are more likely to restrict or censor what they share than older internet users. It appears that younger adults are more active in managing online reputation.  

I think what this all means for workshifting is that the idea of virtual reputations and relationships is gaining more acceptance. The future will tell how “open” our sharing of information will be when it comes to online reputation (see Facebook’s recent privacy settings change).  But for now the trend of online reputation management is a good sign for workshifting and shows a clear acknowledgement of the importance of virtual relationships and reputation.

What do you think?

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Eric Bensley is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Citrix® GoToMeeting®. On the job at Citrix, Eric works on brand development, customer and competitive research, market growth strategies, launch planning, pricing, packaging and positioning for GoToMeeting. As one of the fastest growing products in the company’s history, GoToMeeting provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective and fast way to meet, demonstrate products, and collaborate online. Eric has successfully managed the GoToMeeting brand with results that include being ranked #2 in the world web conferencing market and recognition as the best overall user experience among major web conferencing vendors. Eric shares the company’s passion for driving awareness of the benefits of workshifting. He workshifts and uses Citrix products to work with geographically distributed partners on a daily basis. He's an advocate for workshifting, results-based work environments and the anywhere office. He has a degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Business Economics.